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Ongoing Anniversary Edition

Welcome to VShojo+! A thread to discuss VShojo, and any vtubers frequently associated with them.

The past few days have been a goddamn whirlwind. And not for the reasons that anyone would have expected. What we'd all hoped would be a great anniversary full of exciting announcements and a cute time reminiscing over how much things have changed over the past year was torpedoed and stopped in its tracks before it could even really get going. Conspiracy theories about the timing of the events aside, it left us with nothing more to show for the big day than a Minecraft stream with Mouse, where she was joined by Mel and Kson after their own Minecraft collaboration had been delayed by ongoing shit. There were still jokes to be made about how this was what the anniversary had been building up to all along, and though everyone was weary simply being around one another seemed to have lifted their spirits some. Nyan and Silver joined eventually, giving the group a nice bit of comfy intimacy. A silent acknowledgment between all parties present that it had been a day far too eventful and tiring to approach on stream, but that there would always be comfort in just spending time with friends. And though Kson didn't get a tour of the server, the adventures in caves still provided a handful of interesting moments that have already been clipped and shown off.

It almost feels appropriate that this would be how the first anniversary would turn out. No massive event that had been planned for weeks full of fireworks and flashing lights that would celebrate all the good times together. No unforgettable moments stacked with brand new reveals, debuts, or even the long-hyped letter drop. Not even an oversized cake with the logo printed on it! Just a group of friends playing block game together. What we ultimately got was poetic in its own way. The same people playing the same game they had a full year prior. Before anyone knew how big they would get, and how far the weird little company would take them. Almost like the entire last year had never happened at all.

And that's why we like this group. Through it all the unshakable bonds of friendship just grew stronger and the unit is closer than they ever have been. Given that it's Thanksgiving in the US there's not likely to be as many streams today so enjoy the ones that we do get and we'll see what else the anniversary has over the coming days! So make sure to keep things comfy in the thread by ignoring and reporting any bait you see, and being excellent to each other.

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