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/ppg/ - PrismProject General - Pina Party Gen 3 edition

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The Zatsudan Project Thread

>4th gen auditions are now open (Deadline September 20th)

>Luto's Birthday Merch (mousepad, acrylic keychain, custom voice pack)

▼Pina party with gen 3
▼Nia's Omae Wa Mou / deadman 死人 cover


▼Iku's 言って - ヨルシカ cover
▼Luto's K/DA - More cover
▼Shiki's Lilum (tv size) cover
▼Yura's ダウナーウィッチ (Downer Witch) cover
▼Rita Pina and Nia's cover of RGB
▼Aoi's 好きだから(Suki Dakara) cover
▼Shiki's recent Prism + Reiny Shilling stream

▼Clipped songs from Prism Karaokes

>Generation 1
▼Hoshifuri Iku
singing, Prism's Sora, tarot-reading, gaming, drawing, Aoi's lover

▼Tokimori Aoi
SINGING, dork, gaming, nuggies, original zatsudan queen

▼Ibuki Meno
cute ESL enigma, anime watchalongs, >is she even real?, makes cute noises (now has better internet/mic setup)

>Generation 2
▼Kamishiro Rita
idol LARP, singing, gaming, voice acting, piano, mommy voice, gachi japanese learning, illegally seiso

▼Araka Luto
singing, australian gfe, gaming, drawing, general kusogaki menhera, chat bully target, deredere for chat

>Generation 3
▼Miyoshino Shiki
SINGING(still vocal rest; no karaoke but can release covers), gaming, drinks her own piss, an airhead, an occultist, monster fetish (including but not limited to Xenomorphs)

▼Suzune Nia
singing, drinking, gaming (pronounced as Genshin), slowly becoming zatsudan main, an airhead, most zoomer girl in Prism, voice is pure uoooooh

▼Pengin Pina
singing, songwriting, gaming, drawing, knitting, an airhead, dad joke intermissions, also illegally seiso

▼Rikudou Yura
singing, songwriting, works 3 jobs, dork, GFE, gaming (suprisingly legit gamer, like dual wield mouse and controller gamer), cute ESL, comfy, remembers everyone's name in chat and asks where have you been if not seen for a while

Kawaii /pkg/ (no thread)
Phase Connect /pcg/ >>9981332
Tsunderia /tsun/ >>10006152
british, drawing(legit artist), gaming, karaoke sometimes

>'unofficial' twitter art tags

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