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さくらみこ / Sakura Miko 30 - SHE'S BACK EDITION

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/pol/ka - Omaru Polka Thread

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Enlightenment edition

YouTube channel:
What are Polka's membership benefits?

Previous thread >>4970087
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The End of the Final Yab Approaches

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Part 1 - Coco announces her graduation.

Part 2 - Haachama announces an indefinite hiatus.

Part 3 - Kiara collabs with pink Senzawa.

Part 4+ - ????

Final Part - Cover Corp closes Hololive
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/voms/: Pikamee, Tomoshika, and >Monoe

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Upcoming streams:
• Pikamee RE2:

Recent streams:
• Pikamee will collab with HoloEN's Ninomae Ina'nis on 6/10 on Ina's channel
• Pikamee:
• Tomoshika:

New VOMS recruitment starts June 15th [Embed]

One Year anniversary stream + New models:
Pikamee • [Embed]
Tomoshika • [Embed]

Voms info:

Previous thread: >>4880674
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/ahoy/ - 宝鐘マリン Houshou Marine

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>Plays Friday Night Funkin
>All the other Holos play Friday Night Funkin
>Plays Henry Stickmin
>All the other Holos play Henry Stickmin
>Plays DBD Resident Evil
>All the other Holos play DBD Resident Evil

I thought you guys said she was a follower and not a leader
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Virtual APEX & FPS Thread

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This thread is about vtubers that play a lot of FPS and/or compete in FPS tournaments.
The discussion does not have to be limited to FPS streams, as long as what you post centers around the vtubers involved (Vspo etc.)
Due to extensive overlap with non-v, sometimes non-v will be posted about here, but please use your own discretion (i.e. Tonakaito can be on-topic but Shiv is definitely not).
If you're not sure about whether or not your post belongs here, just give it a try.

NEWS (All times posted are in JST):
Congratulations to YCM (Chihiro, Matsuri, and Yukio) for 1st place!

LVG gets a win at yesterday's VCC PUBG custom!
Please watch Nazuna's frag movie

VISC Apex Tournament 2021 Summer
Hosted by だめでちょーず and Shirasu Uni, an illustrator that makes great APEX fanart. 18 team tournament with some "special guests"
Scrims: 6/17-6/18 21:00
Main event: 6/19 18:00
Hinano, Kamito, Yufuna, Virtual Gorilla, Inui, Yoru Yoichi, and other people you may know are participating.

Apex Legends Vtuber Cup#2
Main event: 6/19
This is a different event from Vtuber Saikyou. It's mostly literal who's but you might find a new vtuber to follow here.

KAGAYAKI Cup is now back!
Scrims: 6/22 - 6/25 (20:00 - 22:00)
Main event: 6/26 (20:00 - 23:00)
1st place prize: 300 000 ¥
(Outdated) Intro of participants:

Apex Matsuri Gaiden (casual tournament)
Main event: 6/27 18:00

6th CR Cup is on 7/31
No other details yet.

Vtuber Saikyou S3 could come as early as August

CR Cup Valorant (Vol. 1) is over!
Congratulations to Naraka's team for the win!
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