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Holofightz/Dark/META thread

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/Roboco/ thread

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/ahoy/ - 宝鐘マリン Houshou Marine

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/vt/ minecraft server

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OP funeral edition

Active servers:
yubicraft - (currently, will be changed back to the old IP later)
/yah/craft - beatani members only

Anything that isn't a screenshot will probably get deleted, go to /vm/ if you want to cry about discords or beatani calling your build shit
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VTubers Are Not Property

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VTubers are not your property
They have real lives and relationships with others in private
They know people in real life who are not you
They have friends who are not you
You do not own your oshi
VTubers are not bound to a code of conduct because they have an avatar
You do not have any say over what others do
You are not in control of others lives
If you think its OK to be upset at a streamer for having friends and relationships you need to stop watching streamers
If you learn someone has a boyfriend or girlfriend but they don't talk about it on stream or on social media and that makes you angary you need to stop watching streamers
If you think it is acceptable to try to harm a streamer because they have a private life you need to seek professional help
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/voms/: Pikamee, Tomoshika, Miuneru and Ryugon

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Recent Streams:
• Pikamee: Chat stream
• Pikamee: Unarchived Karaoke stream was on 9/17 2100 CDT
• Pikamee: member sttream
• Pikamee:Powerwash Simulator part 2

• Tomoshika: english learning stream
• two Tomoshika and Pikamee shorts:

• Miuneru Haneuzu and Daimonji Ryugon were announced! They will debut sometime later this month, likely on a weekend. Miuneru is very chill and likes puzzle and story games, and Ryugon likes competitive games and marathon streams.
• Tomoshika's birthday is September 21st!

VOMS info:

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Unison - Marine Senchou

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Unison is the best Hololive original song ever made. There is no argument.
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Amelia Watson appreciation thread
This thread's for Ame, an adorable, dorky, wonderful detective
Last thread: >>10061578
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/mep/ - Reine Pavolia

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