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how much do you donate?
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Discussion on the direction of hololiveEN

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>not collabing with JP senpais until coco graduated
>collabing with anitubers/dislikable personalities
>instead of not doing that, they introduced mystery collabs to avoid criticism to those unlikable personalities
>hesitant about coco until she graduated
>tone and language policing
>chuubas especially mori/kiara being very passive aggressive any time the fanbase complains rightfully about something
>collab with each other like its a chore
>entertaining trashtaste tier streamers who openly shit on vtubers
>Ame, Ina, and Gura are the only ones who are somewhat gatekeeping hololive without letting it get diluted from its brand
>its been almost a year now since their debut

>nijiEN chuubas who actually like their group and always want to collab
>chuubas being truthful about their guests and not doing underhanded tactics like above
>trust between fanbase and actually change the streams based on criticism
>they're not even a couple months in

what the fuck happened to hololiveEN? I initially started watching hololive and hololiveEN because they were freeflowing and not restricted like nijis who I thought were corporate but hololiveEN is feeling more corporate now than nijiEN.

when the fuck did the switch happen?
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A thread for the discussion of the tabletop tutorial boss terror of Mythton, Calliope Mori, and the members of her ragtag fraternity of hunters.
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This had over 1k dislikes, where they go?
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Spade Echo

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What happened to her...
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/asmr/ ASMR VTubers

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Ear cleaning, massage, hugs, kisses, licking, all things ASMR here. New Patra DLsite edition.
Buy it here:

>What’s ASMR?
Standing for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, ASMR is the bodies way of preparing itself to the sensory feeling before it gets touched, which is generally characterized by a tingling sensation throughout your body. There are many ways you can trigger it, mostly through touch, but listening to binaural audio can be a very relaxing method as well.

Previous thread: >>4841724
/asmr/ pastebin, including channel list, archiving tools, JP keywords, etc:
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What if Bubba attacks amelia live on stream?
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Does she really deserve all the hate she gets from the community she once called home?
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Why is she so obsessed with the Chad meme?