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/mep/ - Reine Pavolia

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/uuu/ - Ceres Fauna General - Schedule Doko Edition

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>Youtube -
>Twitter -
>Current Schedule -
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/mogu/ + /doog/ - 猫又おかゆと戌神ころね

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>Next stream:


>Who is Nadeshiko?
Youkai loli PNGtuber. Master of zatsudan skills and imouto experience. Really loves idols to the point of wanting to become one herself. Doing her best.
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Now that the dust has settled...

Was it actually her real mom or someone she hired for a day?
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Ayunda Risu

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Why do western male vtubers fucking suck shit? Whats the actual reason that while western women can act as anime girls and vtubers and somehow keep up with Japanese styles/trends but western men cant at all? You might say its because western men dont want to act as a chuuni vtuber but ikemen vutbers dont represent male vtubers.There are plenty of Japanese "bro" type and comedian type vtubers. Western men cant even act as any of these. Whats the problem with them?
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/HiRyS/ General - Soda Float Edition

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/who/ - Nanashi Mumei General - LXXII

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Cursed since we got the new schedule Edition
Previous thread: >>10028965
Latest Streams : HoloCouncil Collab - Human: Fall Flat (hosted on Sana's channel) [Embed]

Useful Links
>Youtube Channel:
LIVE: #watchMEI
FANART:#drawMEI #ムメ絵
To be released soon
Refer to the link below if you got any trouble.
>Fanart Hunting七詩ムメイ&kenzen=false七詩ムメイムメ絵?src=hashtag_click&f=live

Various pieces of media
>Timestamp to her song preview (from the debut stream) [Embed]
>Timestamp for the KANA-BOON - Silhouette cover (from the second superchat stream). [Embed]
>Greatest Form of Hopium
>Voiceclips from the first superchat stream

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常闇トワ - Towa

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