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/uoh/ UOOOHHHHH global

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/uoh/ UOOOHHHHH global
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She can become popular?

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>funny voice
>genki personality
>good design
>talented artist
Why she still being impopular?
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How do you call them?
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If you post in this thread...

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Spank your sister.
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What's with the bitterness

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Why are South East Asians so angry and bitter all the time? They cry about anything as soon as a chuuba breaks whatever narrow set of expectations they have and act like they are entitled to be listened to while they bitch and moan. The Chinese are guilty of this too but generally they have a lot more economic pull. Is it a cultural thing that makes them insufferable or is it a lack of awareness?

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23rd May 2022

/rbc/ Roboco thread

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Spooky robutt soon!
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>vtubing is not competi-
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