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/hfz/ - HoloFightZ Multiverse General

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I wish all holochads on the board a very pleasant day
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First they came for the teamates...

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And I did not speak out, because teamates are faggots.

And then they came for the kronies, and...

/uuu/ - Ceres Fauna General - My Sunshine Returns!

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Ironlung has a upcoming duet with a person she can't disclose rn, how would you feel if it was mori?
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Amelia Watson appreciation thread
This thread's for Ame, an adorable, dorky, wonderful detective
Last thread: >>30903670
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Why Hololive is doomed to fail.

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>lack of capital or funding.
Hololive members always complaining their bank accounts are in the "red" or surviving in bare minimum conditions, especially those poorer ones like Noel and Nene.
>retaining an inadequate management team, a faulty infrastructure or business model
Self-explanatory. From their black company policies even to us customers, kneejerk reaction to controversies, and overall poor planning and execution of the company scale. HoloEN Gen3? Hololive Summer event? Nothing is being planned and everything is being rejected or santized.
>Unsuccessful marketing initiatives.
Ask any numberfag, the holobox has been reclincing hard. Sub growth slowed to a crawl. We are reaching the summit and can only fall at this point.
Hololive's future is bleak, and with great idols like Sora spotlight stolen by numberfags like Pekora and disgusting coomer bait like Marine. I had stop watching Hololive and life has gradually became better and more productive. So i reach out my arms to those at /vt/ to do the same.
-Like Titanic, no amount of bailing will save a sinking ship, but at least a selected few will survive.
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/cope/ - Council and Hope General

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Previous Thread: >>30616310

>Current/Upcoming streams:

Bae (Chatting stream then Minecraft later):

>Fauna YT shorts (During her break):

Only Bae has uploaded a schedule for now

>Tsukumo Sana
>Ceres Fauna
>Ouro Kronii
>Nanashi Mumei
>Hakos Baelz


>Every CouncilRyS MV Playlist
>IRyS Journey Album
>IRyS Akatsuki to Hana Single
>IRyS One Step at a time Single
>IRyS Quarter Bravery EP

Birthday/Omocat Merch:

Don't respond to bait. Don't bring up other threads. If CouncilRyS isn't involved it's off topic.
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I warned you all this would happen but no one listened
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