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あてぃし Thread

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HoloFightZ Mid-Week Thread

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I like her. She’s a good Vtuber
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Rocket Launch Stream Vtuber: Usui Clear! 3k Subs Commemoration Edition

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Not a rocket launch right now, but:
Come and celebrate Clear-chan/Kurea-chan/"Ria-chan" reaching 3k subs!
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>when the two sussy crewmates turn out not to be imposters
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Gura Phenomenon

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Tell me fellow anons, what makes Shark different to every other EN to the point she is so beloved?

>most normalfag kiddies first Vtuber imaginable
>safe and lacking in any personality below ground level
>model and mannerisms is pedobait101
>good singing but nothing to brag about
>doesn't care about her senpais
>knows she's the top dog right now and is purely in it for herself
>Vtubing is just a recent gig for her that's popular
>allegedly buddies with one of the slutties thot zoomers on the Internet
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Japanese Independent and Small Company VTubers

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A thread for people to shill vtubers that are japanese or stream in japanese, and aren't part of Hololive or Nijisanji.

Your friendly hedgehog is streaming RE8 in a half hour. She also speaks english too so she might even read your dumb EOP comments!
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Spade Echo

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What happened to her...
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