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*Destroys idol culture in EN
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/cope/ - Council and Hope General

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Previous Thread: >>30616310

>Current/Upcoming streams:

Bae (Chatting stream then Minecraft later):

>Fauna YT shorts (During her break):

Only Bae has uploaded a schedule for now

>Tsukumo Sana
>Ceres Fauna
>Ouro Kronii
>Nanashi Mumei
>Hakos Baelz


>Every CouncilRyS MV Playlist
>IRyS Journey Album
>IRyS Akatsuki to Hana Single
>IRyS One Step at a time Single
>IRyS Quarter Bravery EP

Birthday/Omocat Merch:

Don't respond to bait. Don't bring up other threads. If CouncilRyS isn't involved it's off topic.
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1 viewer streams

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>streaming to basically no one for 2 years
You ever feel bad for these people?
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Why is Flare given a pass when every other leech is called out constantly?
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Why is she so based?

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And why do Nijisanji Fans hate her?
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I need her milk or I'll...
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/rrat/ - Hakos Baelz

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/rbc/ - Roboco thread

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Opening her own shop in RUST
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