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You could've prevented this.
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If you stop and think about the hate of pink cat, you might find it "cringe" or stupid and pointless for her trendy tumblr about face years ago to be generating so much ire. Or despite on the surface level thinking her disavowal isn't a logical reason to dislike her, you still hold a subconscious distaste for the cat.

I will explain this subconscious feeling. This place is a shitty porn website that just so happens to allow free discussion, but it held host to a intellectual movement of young people, a movement that said "speech is a free space where you can prance around and say whatever you want" and "people who don't think this deserve to be made fools of". Now for reasons far beyond this website, such an intellectual movement has been stamped out of society, by hook by crook, by shill, of all sorts, neoliberal capitalists, paid off academics, self fellating bloggers, "journalists". Yet this place remains a remnant of that spirit, that speech as a whole is sacred and unassailable. Pink Cat's actions aren't just a betrayal of some stupid anime porn website, it is a betrayal of the dangerous idea speech should be fun and free. And by proxy a betrayal of civilization in general. So no do not think yourself cringe for hating the pink cat, she and others are party to a grave crime indeed, the abandonment of the enlightenment for brute and brainless social mores.
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/yo hun/ - 鹿乃 Kano Thread #44

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Check your clocks, it's Kano time!
Today, Kano will be playing some White Cat Project.
The beverage tonight is iced coffee.


Who is Kano?
Kano is a SOULFUL Vtuber that's been active for 3 years, and streaming for 2. She streams almost every night, and has to keep her voice quiet for the sake of family and neighbours.
Everything Kano does is by herself, as demonstrated in her avatar. Drawn and rigged from scratch.

She's an amateur artist, and a pro gamer. Though, her current setup is less than ideal. But she is saving up for a beefy upgrade she has her eyes on. She's always smiling, and her humble nature makes her incredibly appreciative of all the support she receives from her fans.

Her main draw used to be PUBGLite, but the servers shut down around 1 month ago. As of late, her usual game rotation is APEX Legends/White Cat Project/Minecraft. With the occasional ASMR or karaoke stream. Other minor games make on/off appearances such as Fall Guys or Genshin Impact. Though, its likely that once her PC is upgraded, PUBG will become a mainstay again.
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reminder that deadbeats suddenly hated Coco when the reddit meme review with Calliope Mori happened because Mori was so boring and humorless during this collab that it embarrassed deadbeats so they blamed it on Coco. they said Coco is annoying and unfunny and generally incompetent and overrated.

then Ame did reddit meme review and was actually entertaining unlike Mori.
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Kamiko Kana

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Hey, Kana is doing a member's only stream tonight in about 3 hours. She's going to be playing Gartic Phone with the audience. Please consider becoming a flea!

Tonight's Stream:
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Who do you think is going to be next? Looks like Haachama and Aqua are likely candidates.
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you ARE watching her birthday stream right?
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