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Tokino Sora General

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Happy New Year edition

A thread dedicated to the discussion of Tokino Sora and her close friends.
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Japanese Independent Vtubers

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Hanamaru edition, morning stream -

Shill your oshis, save all the 2views, small company vtubers welcomed, non jap asian chubas tolerated

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/svt/ has no thread right now
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>He says X is his "oshi"
>He doesn't watch all her streams
>He doesn't listen to her songs on repeat
>He doesn't buy her merch
>He doesn't, like, retweet and comment on every tweet she makes
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Why is it that most vtuber parents have multiple vtubers they've designed but lack only has done art for flare? Is he blacklisted?
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Who do you think, of any current vtubers, will commit the first horror yab? Who do you think is likely to commit a serious crime and have their complete legacy scrubbed/not be allowed to be talked about, etc. I know there was the girl from VOMS but I'm talking about someone doing something REALLY bad.

Who will we look back on and think "yeah we should have seen this coming", or even "he/she seemed so normal and nice"

Pic unrelated, though you may disagree
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I have to say it, I can't fucking take it anymore. Thank you NIJIEN for making my beloved company Nijisanji™© look like a fucking joke.
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/mep/ - Reine Pavolia

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/who/ - Nanashi Mumei General - CCXXIII

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Acapella karaoke edition
Previous thread: >>15862160
>Youtube Channel:
One rule: >>1 .
Don't reply to printers, flamers and bait, especially in this thread (hide, report and move on). Any suggestions for future OPs are also welcome.
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Tummy hort
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Who knew it would only take me 12 years being here to start making threads
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