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/who/ - Nanashi Mumei General - DCXCVIII

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>Latest cover: Dan Dan / だんだん近くなる (40mP)
The original MV was privated.
>First original song - A New Start
>List of Songs / Karaokes
>Chapters, Clips & Music Videos
>Youtube Channel:
Birthday Merch:
OMOCAT CouncilRys:
Some articles are already sold-out for certain sizes for the OMOCAT merch. The hand-signed limited edition set of the birthday merch has been already sold out.

Reminder: >>1
Do not reply to bait and 'invitations' to doxxshit, shitstirring or dramafaggotry (the general jargon for these individuals are 'printers'). Be it inside AND outside the thread - hide, report and move on.
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LazuLight General

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Sheesh Dragon
Boomer Fairy
Gamer Feesh

>Elira Pendora (alt)

>Pomu Rainpuff

>Finana Ryugu (alt)

Diamond City Lights -
Diamond City Lights (Lo-Fi Remix) -
Virtual to Live -

Trial and Error (English Ver.) -
Goodbye Sengen -
The Cruel Angel's Thesis [w/Seffyna] -
Snow Halation [w/Nagi, Hada, Reza, Kanae] -
Shoujo Rei -

Hacking to the Gate -
Ikanaide -
The Heat of My Fingertips -

Virtual Strike (English Ver.) -

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Guys im worried. Kaela hasn’t streamed in 10 hours. Do you think this means she’s graduating already? :(
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*Destroys idol culture in EN
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This was the event that destroyed Vtubing forever

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Everything was so peaceful back then. A paradise of unitychadness and friendship, when both sides of the world just enjoyed our Oshis played with each other. But this had to happen. Haachama just had to be retarded. And now Vtubing has been permanently scarred and tainted by the sins of tribalism, politics and constant disappointment.

If it wasn't for this the wumaos won't have attacked Hololive, Artia won't get CN to nuke itself, Hololive won't be a soulless prison today just to protect itself, Coco wouldn't have been harassed, graduated and fell to Vshojo, Rushia would have not gotten herself fired because she didn't have Coco as support in her menhera breakdown. And I would not have given one year of my life to defend Coco's honour and becoming extremely unforgiving towards the Chinese antis only to be failed.

It is not just Hololive either. Nijisanji won't be scared with collabing with Hololive again because they are hostages to Chinese fujos like how Vox is now currently. Kiara and Pomu would have been happy as well, having wild passionate sex on stream and we would all be fapping to it. And I would have not been expelled from Phase Connect because in a world where Haachama never did that, I would still have a lot of Chinese friends so even Sakana can be my friend, meaning I still get into Pippa's nonexistent pippants. There would only be peace among the stars, and the laughter of our beloved Oshis.

But in the Grim Darkness of this timeline, there is only ALL OUT WAR. A war where I have lost both of my Kamioshis.

If only i could turn back time. To make a time machine and do anything to prevent Haachama from doing that stream - even if it means killing her. Then the world shall know Peace. Vtubing would have been saved for all time.
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He predicted Nijisanji

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H-how? The lyrics... it's very nijicore
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How about a PL/Roommate thread?
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shes so cute
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Why did she use a fake voice this entire time?
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