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Literally impossible without grinding
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what i like about RPGs is the choices it offers you
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Thoughts on rotmg?


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What made it so special?
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Neverwinter nights 2

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Tempted to give this another try, can't decide between bard and wiz/f/EK

What's your favorite class /v/ and how's the mysteries of westgate campaign? Never tried that one.
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How many is too many?
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EYE Divine Cybermancy

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This game is fantastic, I tired the demo out on a whim and fell in love with it immediately.
The setting is easily one of the most interesting cyberpunk worlds I've ever been immersed in.
It's just so different from the typical blade runner/akira knockoff stuff.
The religious/crusader aesthetics were such an interesting choice.
Also the whole game just reminds me a lot of the manga BLAME! I almost feel like if it ever got a game it could turn out something like this.

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Nobody ever wants to talk about how poorly the bobobo rpg for the gameboy advance aged. Even if you were to remaster the audio, it would still be bad.
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Is the rtp style good or bad?

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Can I make my rpg in godot in 3D and use the rpg maker RTP as inspiration for my assets?

completelly original assets in 3D and low poly, but inspired by the RTP.

Is that fine with jrpg players or not?