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ITT: Ludonarrative dissonance in rpgs
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Neverwinter Nights and others

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Let's talk about Neverwinter Nights and other D&D cRPG's
I finished base NN after 15 years with human Fighter/COT
Now playing SoU with Elf Druid going Shifter

Im also playing Icewind Dale for the 1st time
Human Wizard Slayer
H-Orc Barbarian
Dorf Cleric
Human Mage
Human Sorc
Elf Archer

What are you playing anons?

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Do you enjoy puzzles in RPGs?
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Did Delita do anything wrong?
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Which company tainted the western RPG genre more? My vote is for Bioware.
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Can we finally admit this is a good game or are smooth brain SO2 trannies that didn't understand the plot too loud?
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still lost in the Asylum
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Every jrpg is garbage and nothing more
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Mommy gf's, ara ara, etc

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What games have those? Need some. Pic related.

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Name 3 RPGs with a better story than Morrowind:

2. MY

That is my answer... What is yours?
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