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>teach you it
Is this for real? I was told this had professional writing, but it's pure ESL dribble.
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Holy fucking shit, this game is so fucking good for a F2P MMORPG, how the fuck have I missed this for so long.
It's just so comfy exploring Middle Earth and seeing all the tiny lore bits from the books and the writing for quests is surprisingly good. Just got done with Bree and beginner zones and now I'm off to bigger adventures further east. It's fucking great.
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Is wasteland 1 worth playing or should I just skip to wasteland 2?
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>We live within a satire
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Why did he do it?
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This is the most painfully average JRPG series of all time

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what a fucking slog. the Luke Moment is shit too. no buildup whatsoever.
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Game like Minecraft and Vintage Story but in a Fantasy rather than Post-Apocalyptic Setting?

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Is there any such game out there or is anybody atleast working on it?

Basically it would not be post-apocalyptic focused but instead have Kingdom factions alongside various non-human races in the world and other dimensions. Imagine moreso a world like in any Fantasy setting (Like Berserk or Witcher), or anime fantasy universe you see in JRPGs or Isekai settings.

Instead of spawning everywhere all over the world at night, there are lairs, habitats or certain places monsters can spawn. You might also encounter wild animals that are hostile or bandits. Skirmishes and battles between warring factions might break out that you can choose to ignore or participate in.

A detailed magic system you can also learn in the cities and dimensions you can travel to.
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ITT: only the best /vrpg/ opinions.
>like 90% or more of dialogue in SOME roleplaying games should be just text (as in, not accompanied by audio of the characters' voices) so that there can be more of it and more NPCs
>attacks (and some spells) having slash / pierce / blunt damage types (with resistances provided by multiple sources, such as armour and the effects of spells, to defend against the damage) should be in more RPGs because OP finds it neat
Now you.
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