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What's the best dungeon in an Elder Scrolls game and why?
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>you will never experience Witcher 3 for the first time again
how to cope
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RPGMaker Jam Thread

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The monster jam is over in 6 days, let's see some progress!

Previous jams and resources:
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Talk about monster collecting and monster raising games. What are you playing?
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Let's have a good aRPG thread (yes, they are RPGs, its in the title)
Diablo, Grim Dawn, Titan Quest, Path of Exile, etc.
What you playing?
What build are you running?
Favorite aRPG in general and why?
Discuss crack in video game format
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>teach you it
Is this for real? I was told this had professional writing, but it's pure ESL dribble.
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Holy fucking shit, this game is so fucking good for a F2P MMORPG, how the fuck have I missed this for so long.
It's just so comfy exploring Middle Earth and seeing all the tiny lore bits from the books and the writing for quests is surprisingly good. Just got done with Bree and beginner zones and now I'm off to bigger adventures further east. It's fucking great.
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Is wasteland 1 worth playing or should I just skip to wasteland 2?
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