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>Tifa's bra size is a confirmed size 32” DDD

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Spawn of rovagug

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How the fuck do i kill this turd sandwich. He takes almost no damage and heals fully over and over until im ded. Nothing else in the game has been like this

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Coven of refrain is on sale on steam, is it worth it?
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Just started playing ffx for the first time, still on besaid Island
The sphere grid is idiot proof yeah? Like, titus has support skills like cheer and I think haste later so he should pick up healing abilities too right?

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So, I've heard that the Tales of games can apparently be played coop. Are these games any good, how well is the coop integrated and which game is the best?
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This is my first crpg and I have tried to play it both with default combat and turn based mode. Isn't rtwp pretty much turn based with skipped steps? It doesn't even feel like real time, waiting several seconds before you can hit while enemies pommel at you is especially dumb. What are the pros of rtwp ofer turn based?
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Bravely Default II

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SaGa Thread

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Once again, Mardias.
South of the capital board of /v/ there lay an expanse of threads called /vrpg/.
All who entered this perplexing board found themselves inexplicably led inside the SaGa Thread.
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