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Bannerlord is overrated

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Is everyone going to ignore how fucking retarded the facial features and animations look in Bannerlord??
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Hello, I would like an RPG set in a medieval European fantasy world where I can play as a young male human warrior wielding a sword and shield. He must have grown up in a small and unremarkable village that is suddenly attacked by a mysterious force. This forces him to go on a quest where he discovers his unique lineage and confronts an ancient evil that has returned after being sealed away for a long time. He will do this with the help of his companions: at least three male and three female. The male companions must include a good-hearted but slightly dumb fighter (who is also the protagonist's childhood friend), a sly but affable rogue from the big city who constantly refers to past escapades, and an ambiguously evil fighter/mage hybrid (with facial scars and/or tattoos) who is acquired late in the game as a surprise companion. The female companions must include a cheeky young thief girl with daddy issues (bare midriff a must), a sultry dominant sorceress (either a redhead or a raven-haired goth) who regularly makes lewd innuendos, and a motherly cleric/healer who will regularly dispense the kind of wisdom found in fortune cookies. Along the way this party must explore the ruins of a past civilization, defeat a dragon, encounter a guild of assassins, save the King from an attempted coup, and witness the final destruction of the protagonist's home village. There must be one level that's a cave filled with giant spiders, one set in snowy mountains, and a prison level where the protagonist is captured and temporarily loses his inventory. The ancient evil must have a human acolyte that serves as the main antagonist for most of the game, and said acolyte should have his own set of sub-villains underneath him, including but not limited to a hot-blooded brute and a conniving woman. The final dungeon should be in either some sort of dark citadel or ancient temple. Oh, and have the final cutscene be a montage of all the places and characters visited.
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Bloodlines 2 delayed indefinitely, developer shitcanned

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who could have seen this coming??????
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Here to deliver a comfy Rune Factory thread! How's your farm coming along? What are your hopes and expectations for Rune Factory 5, besides what they've already crushed?
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Why does Sòyjima hate large breasted women?
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I give up
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Did Delita do anything wrong?
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How do we fix Ar Tonelico?
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Look at this power stance, you can't even fucking break through it. He would literally kill you like he did Osborne.
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