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>Most choices are whether or not you want more exp or just whether or not you are good or bad

Why do people praise this game for having so much choices and being so non-linear even though it's the most bare bones type of non-linear gameplay. Only thing this game has over bg1 is the combat.
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What's the edgiest RPG out there?
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What is a RPG?

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What is, in fact, a RPG?

I've had numerous posts deleted by jannies who still can't explain what a RPG exactly is.
>that's not an RPG, it's an action game
That's the complaint I receive the most.
Can you even give me an objective question?

To me, an RPG, as the very name implies, is a game where you take a ROLE (hence, role playing game). That role can be anything, from dragon slayer to truck driver. Therefore, skyrim is an rpg.
Truck simulator is an rpg.
Minesweeper is an rpg (you take the role of a bomb defusal professional).

Can you prove me wrong? Yeah, I thought so.
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Three Hopes

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What did you guys think of Three Hopes?

>Did you like it?
>Which house was your favorite in 3Houses, and did you like your house route in 3Hopes?
>Would you prefer if the DLC was a church route/golden ending with Byleth as MC again? ( I would lol )
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Sun smudged peach moon
Softer than an ice cream cone in June

BG3: What causes this game to make schizos on this board have a meltdown?

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Give me a single reason to use this garbage trash can of a character over eiko.
Plying FF9 for the first time
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What western turn-based RPG has the most fun combat in your opinion?
Pic sorta related
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Can we please get an appreciation thread for Based AF Private Poindexter?

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Private Poindexter is the hands-down most based character in the entire Fallout Universe. You know it. I know it. Your mother knows it even. And if you're retarded enough to disagree with this literal factual assessment, I'd really love to hear any and all honest arguments to the contrary. Any good mods relating to this smartass npc? Is there perhaps a mod that adds a 5th main ending in which Private Poindexter rules New Vegas? If not, why isn't one available yet, and can some of you anons be bros and get a team together to make that mod for the good of our rpg society?

What do you anons think New Vegas would be like under the rulership of Emperor Poindexter? On the one hand, I think he'd be a downright remarkable first-rate leader of The Mojave because he comes across as being substantially more intelligent than literally any other NPC I can recall in the vanilla game. But, on the other hand, Private Poindexter is such a fucking lazy nigger too that he might be too slothful to properly govern Mojave Society effectively. You know what I mean? Like do you think he'd be some phenomenal fucking leader? Or would Vegas and The Mojave crumble as he chills in his Lucky 38 Casino Throne Room in his pajamas chugging nuka colas whilst snorting buffout off the naked ass of a completely different 12 year old New Vegas virgin given to him as tribute every day? Or both? Why not both? Do you think Emperor Poindexter can govern effectively AND party effectively simultaneously?

>Official ingame stats do not lie!
>Ceaser Intelligence = 4
>NCR President Aaron Kimball Intelligence = 5
>Mr.House Intelligence = 5
>BASED AF Private Poindexter Intelligence = 8

Uh oh. Uh . . House bros? How will we cope? What are we going to do?
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This game sucks. The way to level up characters is so obtuse you basically have to do it outside of combat.
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