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RPG Maker

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Have you guys played any good RPG maker games lately? What are your favorites?

Are you working on a game right now? How is it going?
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Came across this game. It looks pure strange and unique so I decided to post here so more people can see it.
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No one told me how easy this is

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>started today, level 20
>never need to use potions
>never need to buy anything
>no enemy close to being a threat except super buff shrine elites
I'm having fun but this is braindead even compared to Torchlight 2 or D3
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Wurm Unlimited village

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Hi, I am running a wurm village on Wurm Unlimited.
It's on the most populated server Skolotowhatever.
My village is Forested Wood. It's been around for about a week now.
My name is Duder. I've got some stuff down got plans.
Come play.

Why aren't there more RPGs set in the Planescape universe?

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Maybe even a fucking MMO
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What went wrong here?
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It's time for the Monday monster collecting games thread. What have you been playing?

Digimon Survive has been delayed again. The Crown Tundra is releasing this week.
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What would you like out of a new Shadowrun game?
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Any more RPGs with a deeply flawed mainly protagonist?
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