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I can’t help but love FF8. It has more soul than a lot of other FF games. The junction system was also a great addition, adding a new layer to combat. The story is also fun, despite it being messy towards the end.
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Angel, azata or anon for my first playthrough mythic path?
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>Finally, the city is destroyed.
>Now I can stop pretending to be a shopkeeper and pursue my true passion; animating the dead!
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Favorite RPG couple
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shit that breaks your immersion

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>punch an enemy
>their arms legs and head explode
every time you use vats
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Xenoblade 3 was too predictable early on. I managed to avoid all spoilers, trailers, and everything then got the game on release.

4 party members to start out with, and one of them has no flashbacks or cutscenes until later on in the first chapter. When I saw his smiling mug, I just knew. When he talked about how excited for his “homecoming” coming up next month, I just knew. Everyone in the colony talking about how great of a guy Mwamba is, I just knew. So much foreshadowing but I kinda wish on a Storytelling front that games would lay off it a little bit.

Even in XB2, the fact Vandham only had one blade, overly cheerful and all around nice guy have THAT away early on too.

The days of another Aerith being thrown our way in jrpgs are behind us.

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>Most choices are whether or not you want more exp or just whether or not you are good or bad

Why do people praise this game for having so much choices and being so non-linear even though it's the most bare bones type of non-linear gameplay. Only thing this game has over bg1 is the combat.
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What's the edgiest RPG out there?
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What is a RPG?

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What is, in fact, a RPG?

I've had numerous posts deleted by jannies who still can't explain what a RPG exactly is.
>that's not an RPG, it's an action game
That's the complaint I receive the most.
Can you even give me an objective question?

To me, an RPG, as the very name implies, is a game where you take a ROLE (hence, role playing game). That role can be anything, from dragon slayer to truck driver. Therefore, skyrim is an rpg.
Truck simulator is an rpg.
Minesweeper is an rpg (you take the role of a bomb defusal professional).

Can you prove me wrong? Yeah, I thought so.
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Three Hopes

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What did you guys think of Three Hopes?

>Did you like it?
>Which house was your favorite in 3Houses, and did you like your house route in 3Hopes?
>Would you prefer if the DLC was a church route/golden ending with Byleth as MC again? ( I would lol )
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