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why can't persona and SMT fans get along?
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do you choose to be a human in an RPG made out of different races?
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Fallout New Vegas is an extremely overrated and overpraised game.
>muh writing
Literally the most basic entry tier level writing. It's all pretty heavy handed(characters explain their entire life story and motivations to you like you're a retarded child) , the humor is rarely subtle. Fallout NV honestly has very Rick and Morty-esque writing.
>muh game world
The map is terrible, empty, linear trash. The world is stagnant and has little to do in terms of sandbox fun.
>muh factions
Caesars legion is a stupid concept and severely underdeveloped, Caesar is an autistic galaxy brain whose dialogue is painfully just a writing trying to make some guy sound like " LE, STRATEGIC MASTER "

NCR is generic democratic american force, all they do the entire game is tell you how much the NCR fucking sucks.

House is just Andrew Ryan.

Yes man has some funny lines, probably one of the better parts of the game.
>muh obsidian
obsidian is a poz'd company that consistently makes mediocre games
>muh roleplay!
stagnant world, can't play after game ends. Any roleplay is completely irrelevant and just you larping with your imagination. It doesn't matter if a quest or storyline has multiple decisions when it doesn't change anything
Wow, amazing.
>muh dlc
Fallout NV has some pretty good DLC, they still suffer from poor writing but they're fun to play through, explore and get items in. I also like how they all had their own distinct theme

Fallout NV is an okay game on its own, but it's not a great game by any measure and I consider Fallout 2, 3 and 4 to be better games.
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Virgo Vs The Zodiac

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It's on sale right now, Is it good?
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What are some similar games to disco elysium?

I mean, not the actual political shit, but the skill checks for extra verbose and flavor, i have played fallout 1, 2, planetscape torment and pathologic 2 that rings the bell,
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The new Zaric Skyrim video!
Who is watching Incelril's adventures in Skyrim?
Will he finally get a waifu?
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>Chaos route gives both demonoids and nourishers freedom and life
>Law route just destroys everything, mikado, tokyo, everything
Law route is terrible and it is all merkabahs fault. Lucifer is good in this game, not as great as the others but still good. Merkabah is not smart at all. What was all that with isabeu? Lucifer only helps to kill isabeu because they where simply in the way, even admiring their strength. Merkabah calls her unclean and tainted for reading manga.

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If you're the marketing team, what would you have done to mitigate the most damage?
>The SMTxFE trailer already released so people already have that expectation
>It's being made no matter what, you have no active decision in affecting the game. Your job is plainly attract the weebs and lower the impact of the damage from the SMTxFE fags.
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Why can't Larian into AD&D?

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You have all of this to play through, and you came up with generic metadimensional dragons and hell bullshit setting?
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Fluffy Mint

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This is Musse Egret, the beat girl in Trails of Cold Steel. Junafags are closet cases. Fluffy mint here is pretty, petite, adorable, and goes after what she wants. Always calm and collected, never gets too excited, but always charismatic. How can lesser girls even compete? Surely she is the one girl deserving of the heart of the Ashen Chevalier.
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