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This game ruined JRPGs for me. Nothing else competes.

Underrail Thread

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What was his problem?
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Tales of

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Tales of Destiny DC Fansub might actually happen some day.

Bitch about why Scamco a shit
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why does this never get talked about on here?

I just started playing and it already seems like a fantastically good RPG, first ive played in a long time where theres actually multiple ways to solve quests.
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>the aggressively homosexual character has Chaotic Evil alignment
Based slavs
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SaGa Thread

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Once again, men must fear the SaGa Thread's power, they must worship its strength.
That is the only role of such unworthy creatures.
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>start new rpg
>I'm supposed to choose my build
>don't know which build is good

how do you fix this problem?
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Baldur's Gate 3

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How to defeat Mayrina edition
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>fire elemental
>weak to fire
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Shill me one of these games to spend the next 50+ hours of my gaming time in. I've not played any of them.

> Nier Automata
> Fallout 4
> Fallout 3
> Red Dead Redemption 1
> Mass Effect Andromeda
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