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All other crpgs are boring after playing this
Their gameplay just doesn't hold a candle to Kingmaker

Was Lonesome Road just TLOU2 before it was(n't) cool?

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>you've never heard of me but you killed my loved ones
>it wasn't really your fault but I blame you so the story can happen
>this is the part where you feel guilty, k?
>now let me get revenge by killing a bunch of other innocent people to prove a point
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comfy elf thread

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ITT: discuss elves and particularly RPGs with elves you like and have played.
I'll post a list of games with playable elves below
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Posting here because vrpg is less autism than /vp/.

So people were upset about Sword and Shield and begged for Diamond and Pearl remakes as well as an open world pokemon game. Both of which were announced recently. Pokémon community’s response? “We don’t like it”. I’m a video game designer myself but if I worked at GameFreak and my fans treated me like that, I’d just give them the middle finger and say “fuck it. No more. You’re all pieces of shit.” And work on something else. The company I work for has that same issue but really, we never got death threats sent to our office.

Are there any other cases where this happens?
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what the heck is this game and why do wrpgfags talk about it all the time, is this baldur's gate 3?
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>the aggressively homosexual character has Chaotic Evil alignment
Based slavs
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BDII Launch Thread
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Why do western devs have so much difficulty creating memorable and complex villains. This is not a problem for Japanese devs.
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why is every MMORPG essentially the same game?
3rd person, cooldown actions on a hotbar, raid dungeons with a tank/dps/healer party, crafting/gathering/fishing/smithing side jobs, mounts, the list goes on.
obviously there are differing game mechanics between them, but they nonetheless share a staggering amount of similarities.

why are there no MMO's that break the mold? why IS the mold, the mold that it is?
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