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Dating Sim RPGs

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Which ones are your favorite? There is just something so soulful about the multiple endings based on stats and relationships.
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Drakan The Ancient Gates is the best fantasy RPG ever made
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there really is no way to play this game without abusing alchemy for cash, is there?
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Im at cleyra the sandstorm city or whatever.

Story is a mess, combat is slow and overly simplistic. When does the game get good?
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Weird how nazeem is the most hated NPC when this bitch exists
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>have resources to build a town anywhere
>build it around a nuke
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Developer thread

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Striking while the iron is hot edition.
Post games you are working on, ask feedback about ideas, art, music. Or just post your daydreams about RPGs that never will be made anyways.
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>Caesar wins
>takes over New Vegas, renames it to New Rome
>bans gambling and whores because degenerate
>nobody has any reason to go there anymore
>city dies
What did he mean by this?
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