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Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead

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Best CBMs and why?
Off we go faggots.
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>Tifa's bra size is a confirmed size 32” DDD

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How big do you like your numbers in RPGs?
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tactical role-playing games

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lets have a trpg thread anons
what are you playing right now?
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I'm new to the series, why is FFXIII consistently ranked among the worst FF games?
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Wild Arms.

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What's the best Wild Arms?
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Which JRPGs are worth playing for an RPGamer that hasn't played any? Now, I've played Wizardry and M&M titles so I am familiar with the usual trappings of the genre, just never tried any because of the supposed grind, casualized ports and awful localizations for games with so much text.

Is it safe to go with the popular choices, or are there less famous ones that are more worth my time?

People recommended me Final Fantasy 4 patched, Radiant Historia, Suikoden, Shining Force, Shin Megami Tensei, Xenogears
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RPG Maker

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Have you guys played any good RPG maker games lately? What are your favorites?

Are you working on a game right now? How is it going?
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