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What did we think of it?
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Shadowrun thread

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Glory is my cute Satan worshipping wife!
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Is Raiden Ei a cougar pedophile?

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>Be me, the Electro Archon of Inazuma
>lost twin sister and bunch of friends
>gonna make a imperishable body to fight against the Erosion
>make a trial before the real one
>the trial is a teen boy

The point of Levelling

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Should you need to go out of your way to get enough XP for the next fight?
Is Bethesda scaling the enemy's level to your own right?
What's the point of levels in corridor RPGs where all fights, and therefore XP, are non-optional and you will always be at the level the developer wanted you to be at?
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Gotchic:2 Archolos

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Is this the most immersive rpg of the last decade?this game took the already epic Gothic 2 on another level

Also game's economy may be the best I've ever encountered,you literally have to struggle for gold to get nice things

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I love the look of the setting, but how is the actual game.
Is it actually a good rpg or just janky euro garbage that people pretend to like?
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don't mind me am just the best LOTR rpg passing by....
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Is he the biggest hack to ever grace JRPGs?
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