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Persona 2 seems to be the black sheep of the franchise, but is it worth a shot?
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what are some rpgs with rat enemys?
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Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead

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Best CBMs and why?
Off we go faggots.
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Establishing secure connection
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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

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It's 2022 and all the delays are finally over and the game has been released for next gen consoles. They didn't Beamdog it and change content, but just offered straight visual upgrades across the board. It's time to reconstruct your profile /vrpg/, what kind of Shepard do you play?
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Was the cRPG renaissance a success?
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Bravely Default II

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>play 80-90% of game
>stop playing for no reason
How do I stop doing this? I almost finished fell seal and then stopped right before the end, and now I just killed the ancient wyvern in ds3 and haven't touched the game in a week.
Anyone else have this problem? What do you do to help it?
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>characters constantly remind each other to "not push yourself too hard" and "we'll do this together!!! because friends!!!"
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Fluffy Mint

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This is Musse Egret, the beat girl in Trails of Cold Steel. Junafags are closet cases. Fluffy mint here is pretty, petite, adorable, and goes after what she wants. Always calm and collected, never gets too excited, but always charismatic. How can lesser girls even compete? Surely she is the one girl deserving of the heart of the Ashen Chevalier.
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