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Dragon Age Inquisition

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I remember the side content being trash, but the main story was cool and was thinking about replaying it. Is it the DLC an improvement? Any mods that make it better?
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Dear WRPG fans,

Instead of posting huge paragraphs on this website about how not roleplay-y and cutscenes heavy and linear and stupid JRPGs are on this website, spend your time actually playing JRPGs so you can actually have an informed opinion and be more than an autistic retarded sperg.
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>Fantasy metal
>it's called mithril
Why is fantasy so uncreative?
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He killed millions...

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Map Designer: Okay, here's the map for the game's first battle area, where the player can get his feet wet. The battle system is going well, I think we should have a simpler music theme here---

Game Director: No. The music for this area will a heartbreaking work of staggering genius.

Music Composer: It'll be difficult....

Map Designer: There's like 100 pieces that he'll have to compose. With respect, do we really want to shoot our wad on the first---

Game Director: So, we won't. This theme will be a heartbreaking work of staggering genius, and each following theme will be better than the last.

Music Composer: Sir.

Music Composer: *Composes a heartbreaking work of staggering genius*
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Moments that made you realize that your build was actually shit

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>Playing Fallout 1 coming from New Vegas
>Spent all S.P.E.C.I.A.L. points on PER and CHA, leaving INT at 5
>game is going fine
>tfw I have to save Tandi
>I go to the raiders
>101% speech
>the only dialogue option I am given to rescue her is fighting the leader of the Khans 1 vs 1
>all the other options aren't there
>wtf the leader is unbeatable
>I come to the realization that the dialogue options in the game are determined by how high your INT is, CHA just determines the success rates of the options
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How do you anons feel about feline races (either playable or non playable) in RPGs? Do you feel they’re overdone and boring? Would you rather see some other type of race?
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Trails thread

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ITT: Characters who get unreasonably forgiven for everything
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When do we think it's going to break the street date?
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Looks at this dumb frogposter.
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