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Trails in the Sky

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Should I buy pic related for 18 bucks or wait for a sale? Note that I have been spoiled on the following due to the shitposting threads:

>Some parts of the lore like Ouroboros or the Sept-Terrions
>Renne's past
>The end of FC with Alba == Weissman and Joshua being a former enforcer
>Weissman == Saltman
>Richard being an antagonist
>Loewe existing and dying

Without mentioning the stuff from the other games
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Post a screenshot of what you're playing

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It's the weekend what RPGs are you playing? I recently got nioh 2 and while i didnt like the first one this game is a lot of fun. Learning the mechanics is really fun and the combat is a lot better than 1. I hope Team Ninja makes a NG game with nioh weapon set. Also fists are a lot of fun pretty much the only thing i've been using. Ive been getting my strength and stamina up but is there anything else i should focus on leveling up?
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>biggest character arc moment was finding himself and becoming a warm and open person
>AC turns him back into his mopey, brooding type
>completely ignoring any character development from the game

Why did they do it?
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Ohnononononono Persona 4 Yubros....
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is it good now?

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The promotional material all says Ryza is a tomboy. What the fuck... how?


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I'm new to the series, why is FFXIII consistently ranked among the worst FF games?
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What are your 5 favorite RPGs per decade?

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>50 hours into the game
>start feeling the need to start over with a new character

Why does this happen in rpgs

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I've just started playing OSRS a few days ago (no I didn't start when Asmon did, the obnoxious cunt just decided to play at the same time as me for some reason) and I'm looking for some info from experienced players;

1. Is the endgame even worth it?
2. How long does it take to earn the inferno cape and Max cape starting on a fresh character
3.Why should or shouldn't I sign up for a membership

Thanks in advance
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