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How unavoidable is crowd control in Underrail? I feel like throwing is a must even if you go stealth, or at least traps. I just don't see how you can funnel / destroy all those mobs rushing at you unless you have some crowd control / disables. Even the cover art shows crowd control.
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Unconventional Leveling/Exp Systems

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Give examples or ideas of unique leveling or exp systems.
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Any other Torn City players here?

It's crazy to think so many people have racked up 20,000+ hours on this game.

It's an online crime game that's been running since 2004, I've been around since 2007. I don't even play much games but I've been addicted to this over half my life.

Not seen a TC thread on here in ages.
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What's the best RPG for the SNES/Super Famicom?
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>Dispelling /vrpg/tard and Youtube Essay writer mindless talking points
"Fall from grace" is the theme of the whole game, for those too stupid to see it.
Skyrim is torn into two, the Empire is a Thalmor proxy state, prestigious institutions whose name used to hold weight are now rendered obsolete in a world. Magic is fading, realism is setting in. The reason that the Companions, the College of Winterhold, the Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves Guild don't have "glorious questlines" is because they are way past their prime. The world is changing; this isn't a "high fantasy" setting like Oblivion and Morrowshit were.
The Companions have been getting crushed by the Silver Hand. Additionally, there's barely any glory in being a medieval mercenary realistically. Kill the rats, fetch the object, protect the person. That's your life.
The College of Winterhold went from a prestigious institution to a rock with ten people on it.
The DB has been reduced to a couple uneducated backwards cutthroats in a basement.
The Thieves guild has you committing petty theft in the province's most disgusting city.
The civil war is reduced into guerilla fighting between Nordsmen and the remnants of the Empire.

In all the above questlines you take the first sad step into bringing some magic back into the world and slowing down the fall of said institutions. Having said that, the future looks bleak.

>The obvious
This game is clearly superior in ambience, leveling up design, graphics, voice acting, sound design, and quality of life mechanics.

TL;DR: It's not "bad", it's thematically different from its "boom boom spell magic demon" predecessors. If you find this game bad like FO4 is bad, you're objectively stupid.
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Why did they sterilize this into a generic, whimsical, literal Flying Castle in the remakes?
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Sell me a western rpg to play for the next 20 hours

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CRPGs are fine.
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Alright, I got it. What am I in for?
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Remember to dip Monk.
Everyone should have a bit of Monk with them.
Especially Sorcerers.
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