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>medieval fantasy setting
>everyone speaks like they're from 21st century California
Why is this so common in modern crpgs? Do people love this shit?
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You know those 1000-1 chinese game bootlegs? That's what playing this game felt like, 9 really bad RPGs sold in a bundle as a bargain. It had a neat concept and neat battle system but that's pretty much as far as it goes in terms of things that are good about it
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Is this worth playing for the story, rpg elements or magic system? I like both skrim and morrowind a lot but the gameplay of oblivion always filters me. The scaling disincentivizes levelling up and even with ui mods the ui doesnt feel natural. Also, it kind of feels like you're railroaded into doing the main story because everyone says it's of utmost emergency and you have to do it now. I only played until the first oblivion gate/reclaiming the city but I was already level 4 which apparently is the problem
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>23 years later
>still the best written crpg
How did they do it bros?
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The Quest

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Should I buy this game if I love old games like Lands of Lore, Might and Magic, etc.?
It looks very comfy.
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Old Camp... home.
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Elden Ring

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Do you serve Ranni?
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I heard a group is going round trying to save the world. Anybody wanna join me in stopping them?
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Did you guys like Ogre Battle?

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I played March of the Black Queen and I really didn't like it. And that's weird to me because it seems like a cross between Koei's 80s-90s style of rpg, managing several towns and units in an empire, simplified to fit on a snes. I love koei's old stuff, but this game didn't work for me. Reputation was impossible to maintain because everything lowers it (tarot cards, the hordes of low level enemies you cant avoid, etc.), and I found myself very weak often. I think the game withholds too much info from you, stuff thats not even in the manual like class promotion requirements and even stuff like what the items do. Did you guys like it? How was this game received critically?
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Hey Kim, check it out Kim.
I turned myself into a Fire godlike from Pillars of Eternity, Kim!
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