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Was he based?
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So.. the only way to actually play this game is savescumming and minmaxing specific builds rights?
Why is it considered "one of teh best RPGs evar" but oldniggers then?
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best girl
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How the fuck?
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You ARE learning Japanese since most JRPG localizations are shitty and retarded, right?
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Spawn of rovagug

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How the fuck do i kill this turd sandwich. He takes almost no damage and heals fully over and over until im ded. Nothing else in the game has been like this

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This is a sewious discussion on gun control.
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Is the rtp style good or bad?

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Can I make my rpg in godot in 3D and use the rpg maker RTP as inspiration for my assets?

completelly original assets in 3D and low poly, but inspired by the RTP.

Is that fine with jrpg players or not?
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