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What's the best piece of music from an RPG?
Feena's motif and its several variations are hard to beat. But go ahead, give it your best shot.
>Turbografx CD
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>Main Story: 35½ Hours
Is it worth it?
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I want to play a SaGa game.
Is Frontier a good starting place?
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What does /vrpg/ think of Kamidori Alchemy Meister?
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Persona 4

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How was Japan smart enough to figure this out in 2008 when the rest of the world still can't figure it out? Also general Persona 4 discussion.
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>the first party member is the worst

Any other cases like this?
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*Proves that Monolith Soft could easily write something on par of xenoblade 1 and even better*

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10 years later being completely faithful to the characters. So how again people think xenoblade 3 will be cringy when 2 itself despite being lighter tone and using a lot of typical anime tropes have overall plot and lore better than 1? And when it explicitly told that this one time was an exception?
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Bought Ys I/II/Napishtim/Felghana/Origin in the Steam sale, about to start the first one. Never played these games before, I was intrigued by reading about the story and by the idea of a non-turn-based JRPG. What am I in for, and does /vrpg/ have any tips? Is it better with a (PS4) controller?
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Metal Gear acid 1 and 2

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what are your thoughts on these games?