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What MMOs are you playing /vrpg/?
Is Guild Wars 2 worth getting into?
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How can a game be such pretentious sleep-inducing garbage? I've already tried playing through this like 3 times and always end up giving up in the city. I guess it's there are just too many story dumps that I don't care about, plus the companions are either bland or annoying like that annoying fire priest.
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Pokemon Arceus

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Is it good?
The only pokemon game i played before was sword and shield is this similar?
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>get 10+ characters
>can only field 4-5 in combat
>otherwise the pacing of battles drops to a snails pace because of too many allied and enemy turns
>all these extra characters are relegated to bench warmers

How would you solve this problem?
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does anyone else fixate on a single RPG and play it off and on for a phase of your life, instead of the normal thing of just playing it about everyday and moving on?

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Tactics Ogre Reborn finally announced
thoughts? I'm hoping the filter is an option, but I kind of doubt it will be. also this means the FFT remake is happening as well, so I'm curious when they'll announce that
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Kuro no Kiseki

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Spreadsheet is out
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Angela Deth or The Patriarch?

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Loving Wasteland 3 so far (Despite some bugs, and the sorry state of Multiplayer), if the Fallout series continued on an isometric path, Wasteland 3 is the definite ways to go.

Gaming opinions aside, it's my first run of Wasteland 3, nd played by ear to help the Patriarch. Squad is favored by the Hundred Families and hated by refugees, Reagan is at HQ, Morningstar is in my fully modded Kodiak, Bizarre is saved, Nelius Dorsey slain, told santa to fuck off, hunted down 3 synths, first 2 Buchanan kids arrested, and I'm already on my way to nab Liberty Buchanan.

Suddenly Angela Deth from Wasteland 2, shows up and wants to take down the Patriarch with the help of a former Scar Collector warlord. I still am leaning to keep helping out the Patriarch, but seeing how fucking deranged his children are, and seeing Colorado would burn anyway, Angela's proposal does not sound bad either.

But as I grind for cash and gear up my Rangers to confront Liberty, who would you choose, /vrpg/ anons? Feel free to drop what you think, just don't spoil the ending.
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>ummm so are you good, neutral or evil?
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First two hours and this is trash tier

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I'm just being ran in circles by plot contrivances. My motivation is to find out who the main character is and what he was doing before he last died. This was intriguing enough at the beginning but nothing has developed since then. I've literally spoken with his dead ex-lover in the first few minutes of the game who could explain exactly who he is and what they were doing but instead all I get are cryptic quips and an unsolicited prophecy. Now because of this I've had to instead go around town and interrogate random people about the corpse collector guy tatooed about on the protagonist's skin until some random NPCs just gave me the key to his secret underground lair no questions asked like 5 seconds after meeting them for the first time. And now I've MET the corpse collector guy and he tells me to go collect some random bullshit sphere in a catacomb filled with bats or he won't say anything.
But it's not even just the main plot. I'm not familiar with the DnD setting. The chatty skull guy that follows you around for no stated reason other than the game requiring a companion could've realistically answered any questions you have about where you are and what this world is yet you can ask him none of the questions that an amnesiac would have.
It's mental, how does anybody call this good writing?

And I haven't even mentioned the gameplay itself yet because it's barely existent and downright broken. I have put 0 points into any physical stat yet I can win every single battle in the game by running the enemies around in circles while my companion kills them with no retaliation. It's just a complete waste of time.

Is it just boomer retardation that created all the praise around this game or does it actually get interesting later on? I am considering dropping it straight away just for this insultingly bad opening.
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