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Comfy Persona 4 thread

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we haven't had these in ages
what's your favourite girl/character/dungeon/persona ?
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NieR Replicant Remaster voice cast revealed

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Ray Chase – Adult Protagonist
Zach Aguilar – Young Protagonist
Liam O’Brien – Grimoire Weiss
Laura Bailey – Kainé
Julie Ann Taylor – Emil
Eden Riegel – Devola/Popola
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FF7: New Threat mod

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Sup /vrpg/ - anyone here played this? They updated it to 2.0 since I last tried it out (about 2 years ago, got through to Mythril Mines while dicking about but then my laptop broke and I ended up with a shitty chromebook)

Any thoughts/comments? I really enjoyed it when I did play it.

Has there ever been a nigger in this series?

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FFV is basically the rpg i liked the most in the past few years. It has a simple quirky medieval fantasy story so far, good pacing and interesting bosses. But the best thing is the job system. After playing around with this game, jrpgs don't feel the same way to me, the possibility to switch all your character's jobs on the fly and combine them together is really fun to me and it keeps everything from feeling stale. I keep changing my party around as I learn more jobs and abilities and try out new combinations. I don't get a super terrible feeling like characters have to "catch up" when you switch jobs because a lvl 1 white mage can cast lvl 6 white magic for example, and leveling the jobs mostly allows you to keep their powerful abilities when you switch job. It doesn't take long for a job to unlock most cores skills .
What other games are like this? I've been looking into maybe SMT, or searching for other ff games with the job system, but will any other game match the feeling that FFV gave me, gameplay wise?
I feel like it legitimately might be the most fun Final Fantasy title for me thus far
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Best version of ff3 to play

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Original or remake?
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The call of duty of JRPGs
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Name an RPG you don't like and come up with a non-strawmany and fully rational reason other people enjoy it
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What are your favorite RPG protagonist designs?
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ITT: Based rpg side characters that are forgotten.
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