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what the heck is this game and why do wrpgfags talk about it all the time, is this baldur's gate 3?
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>best romance option is locked behind DLC
why is this acceptable?
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What JRPG gives me a waifu to play through the story alongside and canonically be a kissing, hand-holding couple with at the end?
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Can someone explain to me how JRPGs are roleplaying games? I don’t get it. If anything they should be renamed to Japanese Number Adventures. JRPGs are as much roleplaying games as FPS are roleplaying games. In FF7 you play as Cloud who has his own defined personality and you never make any significant choices, the only dialogue options are “unemotional asshole” or “slightly nicer unemotional asshole” and again, the only differences it makes is some flavor text.
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Elden Ring leaks are out and people are disappointed. Lots of reused animations.

It's reportedly a year old and was likely never intended to be shown to the public.
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>tfw you grow up and realize planescape torment is the greatest video game ever created
Who the FUCK can stop this STUD of a game? Whatever other game you name you'll get shit on be it for gameplay, graphics, story, characters or being pozzed. But NOBODY can say shit about this masterpiece. Your favorite game is absolute garbage and will never match up to Planescape Torment.
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Why does the IP not resonate with younger audiences? The average FF fan now seems to be in their early-mid 30s.
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What is it that prevents this game from having anything in the way of discussion on /vrpg/? Did you all get filtered by the intro or something?
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