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This rpg, despite having terrible gameplay and story, recieves huge amounts of discussion on /vrpg/ because of its underage female characters.
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Tsubaki-chan is sooo kawaii!!!
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The eternal debate

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Claim your romanfu
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Soul Hackers 2

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New trailer from Ringo's game. Surely you preordered, right?
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Are you gonna name your kids after /vrpg/ characters?
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What does /vp/ think of the Golden Sun games.
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Switch RPG recommendations

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What are some good RPGs on Switch? Preferably exclusives. I already got SMT V and downloaded the demo of the Live A Live remake.
pic unrelated
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What difficulty does /vrpg/ play their RPGs on?
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What MMOs are you playing /vrpg/?
Is Guild Wars 2 worth getting into?
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