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Anyone else looking forward to this game?
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Just tried booting this up again after a long break from playing these sorts of games. It feels like it aged so badly compared to the others. The XP system with the squatting and the random loot just puts me off bigly.

Rune Factory Thread

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Where my PCbros at? It seems like the modding community has gone too far...
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Why the hell do different versions of Tamriel present in the different Elder Scrolls games feel so different? Like the Lore/tones/aesthetics(Barring graphical capabilites of the time) of the Daggerfall era (Daggerfall, Battlespire, Redguard), the Morrowind era, the Oblivion era, and the Skyrim era all feel wildly different from each other and it just makes the whole world feel disjointed.
What are the implications of each of these eras? Like what is Tamriel even supposed to be in terms of lore/tone/aesthetics of each of the games??
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Rpg's similar to Anachronox?

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Anyone knows any games similar to Anachronox?(In theme its fine if the gameplay isnt the same.)
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If it was developed by an MMO studio and not Fallout branded it would have been considered good.
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What did CDPR mean by this?
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Rymrgand is cute! Cute!
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Let have a Dragon's Dogma thread

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Which class is the best for your Pawn?
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I’m sorry, but Shadow Madness during its time was far from what I’d call a “bad game”. Sure the models in fights looked blocky and half the time you didn’t know what you were fighting, but for fuck’s sake. With graphics similar to FF7 is it a fair argument to make?

Yes the game’s pretty short and some of the design choices would make you go “really? They did that shit?”

What I see is a stateside gem that was heavily inspired by jrpgs. It’s downfall is obviously being too ambitious and because their development team was small compared to larger studios like Square, they were forced into the dreaded “crunch”. The writing is hilarious and anyone who’s played through the whole game will agree the writing is pretty impeccable, if not hilarious. Thanks to Ted Woolsey heading the team, I definitely got the feels from playing FF3 (Ff6 if you’re a purist). It was also one of the few ps1 games of its time to make full use of FMV technology.

TLDR; it honestly was a good game that would’ve been a masterpiece if they weren’t forced on time crunch. Review sites were too cruel with Shadow Madness. To this day, there’s not a single game that is like it in terms of style and writing.
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