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Was smirk a good addition and would you want to see it in SMTV?
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>characters constantly remind each other to "not push yourself too hard" and "we'll do this together!!! because friends!!!"
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Play hardcore, see half of game 50 times, see ending once.

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It's that time again /vrpg/. It's time for you to play one of the greatest.. NO... The best JRPG ever made.... Trails of Cold Steel. Haha...
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Valkyrie Profile: Hrist never ever
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>you BETTER treat me right!
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what went so right?
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ITT: we offer our waifu to Rean Schwarzer's harem.
Rean-dono, I kneel like the obedient bitch I am. Please take my waifu and treat her like a real man would, I beg you.
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