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I love the look of the setting, but how is the actual game.
Is it actually a good rpg or just janky euro garbage that people pretend to like?
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Vtm Thread

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tell me
>your build
>your clan
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What the fuck were they thinking?


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This game is really, really, REALLY fucking hard. Unironically how does somebody git gud?
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H-rpgs shouldn't be allowed to be discussed here.
Take it to /h/ or /vg/ you fucking creeps

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Why aren't there more rpg's with a raypunk aesthetic?
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is this game worth $21.99 for ps5 version? something about the name sounds philosophical and magical. anyone play it and get far? does it live up to the hype of its name? thinking of ordering it from amazon.

Atelier Thread

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Which protagonist had the best character arc? And why is it Totori?
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I just beat Olympus 2207, is there any other Fallout fangames I should try? Or should I go through a second time with a fresh character? I highly recommend the game to whoever liked the original Fallout games, it was really good and even managed to surpass the originals in some places.
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What went wrong
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