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>beat this game when it came out in 2017 but didn’t bother with any of the side stuff, only did a few side quests, never did pouch items or bonded any core crystals, didn’t bother with expanding affinity chart or raise any areas development area
>now replaying it and playing it properly
>trying to raise Torigoth development level (still really early in the game)
>did all Torigoth side quests, talked to all NPCs, did like 70 silver canister salvage runs and bought/sold hundreds of thousands of gold
>still only on development level 2
What the fuck is this game. Doesn’t respect your time at all. How the fuck do I make progress unless I no life the shit out of it. Also I’ve bonded like 30 core crystals to rex and only have one rare blade, what the fuck man
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Lore thread

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Let's discuss TES LORE because the general thread in /vg/ is just for the discussion of coomer mods
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>Destruction of Hidden Valley chapter is canon end slide
What is next for the brotherhood in Obsidians next fallout game? They seem pretty battered and broken, they might end up on the same level as the Greater khans
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There was, back in January, some controversy occurred regarding one of Fallout NV's more ambitious mod: "Fallout The Frontier". I initially ignored the ordeal, assuming it would devolve into a clusterfuck. After a couple of months and the dust having settled (I think), I'd like to know, out of curiosity:
>what was the project about?
>How good was the mod?
>What sparked the controversy?
>How did the controversy unravelled; the events of contention happened?
>What has happened ever since; what is it's current state?
Thank you.
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This game is so poorly designed.

First off you literally don't need any of the skills to progress but I didn't mind the lack of a difficulty curve so much, I can make it challenging in my own way

But what broke the camel's back were the quest collectibles that are too hard to notice, and so I had to spend a good hour backtracking every single corridor (and I mean literally every single one, every single wall that may have had something stuck to it) until realizing by sheer random chance that the big glowing triangle on an inconspicuously looking wall actually had an important quest item hidden in it.

There was genuinely no indication it was there aside from a barely noticeable glow that was obscured by lit shape

The clues pointing to it were also vague

How the fuck did people who bought this game not get mad at this?
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The charges, officer?
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Which Tales game has the best combat? Pic notrelated.
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>no RPG set in the Byzantine Empire
>no Reconquista RPG
>no Arabic RPG to Jihad infidels
>no African King RPG
>no Russian RPG where you fight mongol horsefuckers
>always generic western Europe medieval fantasy, including in JRPGs
there are so many interesting cultures and settings out there, why do so few people branch out?
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Wizardry 7

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Has anyone here actually finished this game? If so, how long did it take you?

I beat 6 no problem and would love to import my party into 8, but Jesus Christ this game is fucking long and obtuse without a guide.

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Are the other FE games like this, but without the shitty calender system
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