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Is it good or shit?
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FFXVI Website

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Sawyer himself recognizes that lots of shit went wrong. Among others:

- game was plain too easy
- the ship system was supposed to be cut but it was brought back for no good reason
- full voice acting was a nightmare to manage
- companion relationships relied on a confusing tag system that the writers didn't really utilize properly
- chasing Eothas and political landscape of Deadfire weren't put together properly in the plotline
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Fallout New Vegas is an extremely overrated and overpraised game.
>muh writing
Literally the most basic entry tier level writing. It's all pretty heavy handed(characters explain their entire life story and motivations to you like you're a retarded child) , the humor is rarely subtle. Fallout NV honestly has very Rick and Morty-esque writing.
>muh game world
The map is terrible, empty, linear trash. The world is stagnant and has little to do in terms of sandbox fun.
>muh factions
Caesars legion is a stupid concept and severely underdeveloped, Caesar is an autistic galaxy brain whose dialogue is painfully just a writing trying to make some guy sound like " LE, STRATEGIC MASTER "

NCR is generic democratic american force, all they do the entire game is tell you how much the NCR fucking sucks.

House is just Andrew Ryan.

Yes man has some funny lines, probably one of the better parts of the game.
>muh obsidian
obsidian is a poz'd company that consistently makes mediocre games
>muh roleplay!
stagnant world, can't play after game ends. Any roleplay is completely irrelevant and just you larping with your imagination. It doesn't matter if a quest or storyline has multiple decisions when it doesn't change anything
Wow, amazing.
>muh dlc
Fallout NV has some pretty good DLC, they still suffer from poor writing but they're fun to play through, explore and get items in. I also like how they all had their own distinct theme

Fallout NV is an okay game on its own, but it's not a great game by any measure and I consider Fallout 2, 3 and 4 to be better games.
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Was the cRPG renaissance a success?
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Was he right, /vrpg/?
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Trails in the Sky

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Should I buy pic related for 18 bucks or wait for a sale? Note that I have been spoiled on the following due to the shitposting threads:

>Some parts of the lore like Ouroboros or the Sept-Terrions
>Renne's past
>The end of FC with Alba == Weissman and Joshua being a former enforcer
>Weissman == Saltman
>Richard being an antagonist
>Loewe existing and dying

Without mentioning the stuff from the other games
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Thats the last fucking time I take advice from you idiots
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Do you think it has potential? Both the demo and the EA were surprisingly promising.
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SENners get the rope
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