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What's your favorite Persona installment in the series? Personally, mine has to be Persona 4.
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What did the writers mean by this?
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Looks at this dumb frogposter.
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Why does the IP not resonate with younger audiences? The average FF fan now seems to be in their early-mid 30s.
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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

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Cute Runelords edition.
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>Ash hits on Reans little sister
Rean almost breaks Ash's shoulder.
>Rean hits on Estelle - Joshua's girlfriend
Joshua keeps quiet, doesn't say a word.

Well, Skydorks?
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Diablo III?

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Helloo, do u recomend me buy diablo III?
Just for fun, I don't care the lore.
I just want to start in the RPG
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Endwalker XIV

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I've been saying this a lot but we should have optional downtime sjdebquests with the scions to develop our bond between them. Shit like helping Thancred with some battle techniques, going on one of Ryne's and Gaia's coffee biscuit dates. What do you think?
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what the heck is this game and why do wrpgfags talk about it all the time, is this baldur's gate 3?
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