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Pathfinder WOTR

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Perhaps the best Western-style CRPG of all time?
> Excellent main quest
> Straightforward combat system that rewards detailed tactical planning
> One of the best soundtracks of all time
> Absolute tons of content, like you could play this game for 2 hours every day for an entire year and still not see everything there is to see.
> Spot-on depiction of The Abyss in the best part of the game.
> Pretty chill endgame slides that aren't too obnoxious.
> Lots of secret content.
> The kingdom management is hugely improved over Kingmaker.

The only downsides:
> The NPC situation is pretty woke when you think about it. But some of them are cool, and they have a lot of content, so it's not that bad.
> Some of the puzzle quests are retarded.
> The demons have a pretty cartoony aesthetic

Verdict: Better than BG2
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