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RPG Villains Considered The Best

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It's better than Baldur's Gate
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This trinity of archetypes is a menace!
How do we get rid of it???
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Shadowrun thread

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Glory is my cute Satan worshipping wife!
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Those of you here who like turn-based combat in RPGs, why? Genuinely curious.
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Why are there no organized crime RPGs.
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Persona 1 is so much better than Persona 5

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Like why do people think its the other way around
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DioField Chronicle Thread

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Demo is out. What do you think of it?
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Is he the biggest hack to ever grace JRPGs?
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FFXIII or more like Final Fantasy kino

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I love Final Fantasy XIII.
My only cons are:
The ships are all fcking wrong
Snow x Serah sucks.
Should've been:
Snow x Lightning
Noel x Serah
Hope x Vanille
Fang x Sazh (Platonic as parents to Hope and Vanille)
Caius and his dead daughter,sister,wife blank slate i don't even know because damn she was fucking boring.
oh and going to gran pulse was fucking weird, they need to fluff that up a bit. they just land on there, just randomly do shit like LITERALLY no direction after chapters of being linear and then they get to oerba and the director was like "oh right we still have a story to complete".

Dialogue is a little cringy but the overall plot, character dynamics, music and art direction was one of the best the series has ever been. Don't @me
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