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>Gamers hate it
>SJWs hate it
>Agnis Philosophy fans hate it
>Black weebs hate it

Who was it made for?
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The point of Levelling

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Should you need to go out of your way to get enough XP for the next fight?
Is Bethesda scaling the enemy's level to your own right?
What's the point of levels in corridor RPGs where all fights, and therefore XP, are non-optional and you will always be at the level the developer wanted you to be at?
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Weird how nazeem is the most hated NPC when this bitch exists
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SEQUEL, L.Depth, Innocent Rules, Atline

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This is your monster girl for the night. Please say something nice about her.
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DioField Chronicle Thread

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Demo is out. What do you think of it?
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New Vegas Bounties 2 is unironically the best one in the trilogy. It serves to characterize the NCR and adding context to their acquisition of the region and the war in the Mojave. And aside from that it says itself apart from 1 and 3 while also setting up Marko and the Frosthill plotline. It's more open ended than 1 and 3, aside from not giving you a quest marker to find your target, you're not restricted to a linear quest line, not even mentioning the wanted posters placed around the world, it's more extensive and has vast amounts more content than 1 and 3 and gives more choices and consequences for progressing the quest and furthering the proceedings. Thats before mentioning how surprisingly balanced and lore friendly it is. But the last thing it has going for it is undoubtedly the Short Stick Saloon, and the newsletter, giving reactivity to certain quests and changing how characters in the mod react to your character all in all 9/10, nearly a perfect mod
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Is this game good? I’ve heard it’s blatantly unfinished and very low-content especially in the third act
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Arc the Lad Collection

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Let's converse about this title, it was one of the best on the console, yet it doesn't get the acknowledgement it deserves

>beautiful tracks by t-square
>great sprite work
>interesting world
>side quests out the wazoo
from the hunter's guild quests, to the diekbeck ruins dungeons, choko dungeons and beyond this game was jam packed.
>very fleshed out interesting world, the first modern contempary jrpg
>"diversity" in all races/genders/ages before woke zoomer/tumblr dumbfucks were even born.
We had 5 Japanese folks, a non-descript old dude, one chinese monk, one arabic dude, a native american, a polish girl, a non descript American singer girl, a robot, an African/Samoan dude, an Indian chick, and a fairy/monster girl

>monster side game that puts pokemon to shame
it was made the same year too, after playing I honestly quit pokemon all together.

Why doesn't anyone mention this masterpiece?
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I loved New Vegas so I'm trying this for the first time, what are the essential mods??
I remember hearing theres one that changes the enemy leveling/difficulty/etc to make it more like NV
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The Quest

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Should I buy this game if I love old games like Lands of Lore, Might and Magic, etc.?
It looks very comfy.
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