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Cyberpunk 2077 - Discussion thread

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So you're at a club when this Doug Huggem looking guy comes up and socks you and Jackie: what do you do?

4th Night City Wire: [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]
Cars screenshots:
Mike Pondsmith Live Interview:
Johnny asking us the important questions:
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Are you guys ejoying Bozjan so far?
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The epitome of "It gets good 35 hours in".
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Black Souls

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Sinners get the rope
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Find me one (1) example of a NORMAL sword in a mainline Final Fantasy game. I know there are normal swords in Tactics and Crystal Chronicles, I want just ONE normal sword from the main series.

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Yo, this game fucking rules. Playing it after Suikoden 1, and it really makes me appreciate all the improvements. One of the classics I’d yet to play that has actually been meeting the hype.

Shame I hear its all downhill after 2, but im planning to play through the whole series.

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2020 I am forgotten.........
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Well, is it any good, bros?
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Legend of Heroes/Eiyuu no Kiseki

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So this is supposed to be some super big franchise in japan but I only see people give a fuck about it in this board but what it's weirder it's just how many games it had out of nowhere

Like some obscure nes game then some mediocre psp games (I know some people treat as the best in te franchise but I had psp and around that time everyone thought they were mediocre compared to other games in the system)

Then shiton of games with this Meme guy (you know which one)

Can anyone redpill me on the series?
AFAIK it goes from bootleg Zelda to weird sprites action game to generic anime Jrpg
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