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Josh Sawyer is doing a full playthrough of Pathologic 2 on Twitch. Extremely based.
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Viera wearing hats when
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Oh don't mind me just being the most soulful Tales of game.

>Extremely underrated
>Unique world
>Best soundtrack in the series

Why it's FF8 in Tales of form.
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Do NOT sleep with your party members, exile
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Is this the greatest action RPG of all time?


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So what are the +10 mythic classes and what are the advantages and disadvantages of witch one
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>Shit as an rpg
>Shit as an fps
>But when both are combined is really good
How did they do it
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>characters constantly remind each other to "not push yourself too hard" and "we'll do this together!!! because friends!!!"
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Nobody's dick's that long. NOBODY'S.
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Trails General: Randolph Forma de Rojo Edition

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What's his power level? Anyway Crossbell has been pretty swell so far. Just hit the intermission chapter and I'm pretty excited to see where this all ends up.
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