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IaaS Stream

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Would a One Punch Man rpg where the MC one-hit kills every enemy be fun?

Atelier Thread

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Do you like berets on your Atelier MCs?
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It's /mon/day, what are some of your fave monster RPGs?
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Underrail Thread

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We are all Tchort edition.
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Might & Magic

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Should I play Might & Magic 3, or just skip it and play World of Xeen?

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>Game forces you to have a full party at all times, empty slots not allowed
>MC is forced into the party at all times in party-in-your-pocket games
>>Romancing SaGa 2 forces the MC into the first slot in a game where formations are extremely important and permadeath exists
>Bosses 100% immune to ailments
>Dead party members gain no XP
>New characters join with their skills sitting at zero (looking at you Legend of Dragoon!)
JRPG pet peeves?
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Best Final Fantasy to start?

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My only contact with the series so far was the FFVIII demo I played as a kid. Most normies tend to recommend FFX as a starting point, many people here seem to like FFIX.
What would be your choice? As for my general guidelines:
1. I prefer games from late 90s-early 2000s period, so period when VII-XII were made is the most interesting to me. But feel free to recommend something older/newer if you really think this is a better starting point.
2. I am little afraid to play VII as I don't know whether it would live up to the hype and expectations.
3. I don't play MMOs so XI and XIV are off the table.

RPG maker jam

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