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Was it too ambitious for CD Projekt Red? Are they in over their heads? Did it grow too much for them to handle with Keanu Reeves and being the big focus of multiple E3s etc?
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How big do you like your numbers in RPGs?
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Here's your advanced RPG bro
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Is everything in EarthBound and Mother 3 Ness' fault because he wasn't a better friend to Porky?
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Which one should I play?
Morrowind with its outdated mechanics, slow movement speed and pissugly graphics?
Oblivion with copy&paste everything and level scaling
or skyrim with its shit UI and retarded plot?
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Literally impossible without grinding
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What went wrong here?
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>50 hours into the game
>start feeling the need to start over with a new character

Why does this happen in rpgs

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X confirmed best Xenoblade, 2nd best Xenogame.
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I've been getting it on with my newly-wed wife, Sofia, but I'm under the influence of Neloth's memory recording spell. Basically Neloth will experience all my memories when I return to him with the briar-heart. Memories like eating Sofia's asshole. Did I get cucked by the Telvanni Master? Did Neloth sleep with my wife? Was that his real intention? That fucking tricky bastard.
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