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Wrathfinder - Righteous of the Path

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Pic related will be my azata wizard
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Xenoblade Thread

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For all things Xeno related.
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ITT: Point out one bad thing or flaw in your favorite JRPG
>boring level design and not much exploration

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I want to make a spiritual successor to Morrowind. What mechanics do I add/expand on?

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Why can’t warpigs ever deliver a memorable villain? Name a single villain from a wrpg without using Google you literally can’t
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Skyrim builds?

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>Race: Nord Vampire
>Skills: One-Handed, Heavy Armor, Smithing, Sneak, Illusion, Destruction, Enchanting
>Spells and Shouts: Incinerate, Rout, Frenzy, Invisibility, Aura Whisper, Fire Breath
>Gear, Weapons and Enchantments: Shrouded Hood (Fortify Sneak), Daedric Armor (Fortify Destruction and Illusion), Daedric Gauntlets and Boots (Fortify One-Handed and Sneak), Silver Ring (Fortify Illusion and Magic Resistance), Silver Necklace (Fortify Destruction and Magic Resistance), Daedric Sword (Fire Damage and Soul Trap), The Black Star (Infinite Black Soul Gem)
>Attributes: 50% Health and 50% Magicka
>Standing Stone: Lord Stone (+50 Armor Rating and 25% Magic Resistance)
>Factions: College of Winterhold, Volkihar Clan, Dark Brotherhood
>Civil War: Doesn't care

.hack IMOQ

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So I started playing this, i'm about 6 hours in, just beat the Killer Snaker boss and i'm curious, does the gameplay ever get better?
I fucking love the atmosphere, I love the mailing and the message board stuff and how your party members go do their own shit in town like in a real MMO
and the story is...alright? I haven't really experienced much of it since nothing's really happened but it seems interesting
but the gameplay is just...jesus christ, it's really bad. The bosses feel like they've all just been brick walls that you spam X and potions at until you can drain them.
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Which one is best?
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Fallout: The Frontier- Out tomorrow

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Anyone else hyped? I'm probably gonna give it a try this weekend, fingers crossed its not a buggy mess with nothing but donut steels. Is there any word on what the recommended level is? I don't want to try it and not be able to interact with any of the content.
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