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>he never found a taco bell
bad end
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Did the new trailer revive your interest in the game?
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/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General

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Comfy thread

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Its comfy time
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No Mawile thread?
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Fakemon Workshop

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Post Fakemon. Are you working on a Fakemon right now? Do you have any Fakemon ideas? Rate, hate, and critique.

Last night someone suggested a ghost monkey Fakemon. Maybe that anon is still around. I thought up a Ghost/Rock type based on cursed jade monkeys. Still working on it, but here is the rough sketch so far. How could the concept be improved?
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justify this
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Post your 6 favorite Pokémon.
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Post "strong" opinions

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>Gen 1 hyper beam could have been a cool idea: you don't need to recharge IF you knock of the opponent.
>Pokemon SNAP is overrated.
>Gen wars (or similar discussions) are the only interesting threads on this board otherwise consisting of cumming to 12 year olds and begging for fake leaks.
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