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Who are the physically strongest people in the Pokemon franchise?
Are even they capable of holding their own against the weakest of Pokemon?
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Get rid of every fully evolved & non-evolvable pokemon with less 500 BST
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Everyone basically agrees that BW was the worst season of the Pokemon Animated Series. It's so bad, there's enough bad to cover up one of the series greatest sins - whatever the fuck Team Rocket's team was.

Most of TR's Pokemon are really memorable - Mimikyu, Cacnea, Carnivine, etc. Even Yanmega and Seviper had their moments.

Their Unova team were just brainless pawns. The fact that they were just up and surrendered to the boss only helped to cement this.
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>saved the world from Groudon and Kyogre
>saved the world from Deoxys
>regularly saves the world from alien invasions
>fucked up Eternatus so hard it ended up in a 18500 year long comma
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Do you enjoy watching the Pokémon anime?
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Ch-Ch-Charizard bros???
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Would you lay a God?
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There was an episode of Pokemon that showed how easy it was for Meowth to learn English.

Do you think all Pokemon can do this?
And if Pokemon and their trainers spend so much time together - then why don't they naturally learn it?
(in the show they are able to follow commands, because they understand English)
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NoA sexual harassment Kotaku article

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>"posted Reddit screenshots about why Vaporeon is the best Pokemon to have sex with"
Look at what we've accomplished
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