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Does anyone have access to this mod that would like to share the file?

Its called the "boobs mod" for pokemon sword and shield. Its from gamebanana and its made by BlendSkill but the dude made everything private. The only thing i found about it is this.
Thanks in advance friends!
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Would you lay a God?
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/kcg/ - Koraidon Chads General

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Yisuno the Koraidon CHAD Edition

/kcg/ is a thread where (You) the Gigachad post and discuss your love and all sorts of fanart for the better and more soulful Box Legend in Generation 9 / SV / Paldea, the Toothless of Pokemon, the cutest and most majestic, Koraidon chan.

No Miraidon Shitposting allowed.
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There was an episode of Pokemon that showed how easy it was for Meowth to learn English.

Do you think all Pokemon can do this?
And if Pokemon and their trainers spend so much time together - then why don't they naturally learn it?
(in the show they are able to follow commands, because they understand English)
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NoA sexual harassment Kotaku article

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>"posted Reddit screenshots about why Vaporeon is the best Pokemon to have sex with"
Look at what we've accomplished
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ITT: Pokemon love
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I like Miraidon.
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>walking through pokeworld
>npc locks eye and forces you into battle
>have to spend 10 minutes setting up batton pass just to beat a shit tier trainer
Why are forced fights bad game design?

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Sylveon is a jobmon.
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