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>type you love
>make a 6-mon team of that type
>how much fun you would have with that team

i'll go first: water
>suicune, or peliepper to fly me around
we would have so much fun. i love using so many of these pokemon. so many other water types i would love to use too
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Jasmine and Steel type

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Was it ever talked about on why Jasmine became a steel type user?
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Post a picture and anon tells you want Pokemon it reminds them of

/Ruse/: Well-Protected Edition

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>current OP count: 44

Previous thread:

Rusefox GF pastebin:

Zoroark Mom & Blind Son

Zoroark GF stuff (bouts of high horny, lewds not shown)
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RIP Bisharp. Gonna get mogged by an ugly evolution.
Now I know Rhydonbros felt when gen 4 came out...
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Yeah, I'd say the smogonfags are fucking retarded.
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What's the closest thing/s to a naked person in officially licensed Pokemon media?
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"Welcome to 4chan's /vp/ board!"
"Are you a poképhile, or are you a pedophile?"
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there are many Pokemon but this one is my favorite