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Small revenges on normies that you may have achieved

> Be me
> Be a gassy fellow due to gastritis
> Walking down the street and I need to let a fart out. Is bad, fucking mustard gas but I don't give a shit if I'm in public
> Someone behind me yells "eeew wtf was that?"
> Pack of zoomers, skinny kids with stupid haircuts and a couple of roasties
> My time has come. Here comes another one
> "Eeeww Justin. Was that you? I'm going to throw up! Stop it!"
> Remember that farts are basically microscopic shit particles. I ravel on the thought of zoomers basically inhaling my shit. Continue.
> Roastie realizes that I have been walking in front of them this whole time
> "I think that guy is the one shitting himself"
> They change the sidewalk
> No gonna let that happen. Let them forget about me after a few bad stares.
> Put on my jacket and change sidewalks to walk in front of them without them noticing me
> Open the gates of the vomitive dimension and let out a miasma of death and disease that I was building up
> Roasties scream. The tards let a resounding "what the fuck bro?"
> They stop as they lament the situation I continue as if nothing happened.
> Heard them say as I was getting farter "We should tell a police officer"
> Mfw zoomers consumed my feces and they were thinking of telling a police officer about it.