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NEET extermination

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>NEETS are rodents, hear me out

Fuck neets, fuck their mothers, fuck their entire existence. I want all neets to die, all of them ceasing to exist. Wouldn't the world be a much more happier place?

They are rats who are living off the hardwork of individuals who struggle everyday with our fucked up world. These rats are not only a liability on the world but also a burden on themselves, they will never be able to reproduce, have loving relationship with a female. They are sexually frustrated men who blame all their problems on woman. Not to mention these fucking NEETS also take away hard earned tax money that the most vulnerable of our society need, people dying from cancer, disabled people (mentally and physically), IS IT FUCKING FAIR?

One of the criteria of life is reproduction and they stink, are poor and ugly, all of those attributes make it impossible for them to even pay/have sex with prostitutes. They are suffering constantly in their stink and coom, they aren't even human beings at this point.

They suffer from autism most of the time, making social interactions extremely hard for them, so they only know how to make snarky copy and paste comments (you can find them below) such as:

>"Wagie, Wagie, get in cagie"
>"Go back wagecucking reeee"

This is the IQ levels you can find present in NEETS, they aren't even humans at this point and the best thing we can do for them is getting a minimum wage job with some forced education on how to not be a turd flinging monkey. The ones who are far gone from the grace of humanity should be put down like dogs.

The only NEETS I can respect are the ones who put time and energy into their hobbies, be it art, music, video games / video game creating etc. The rest can fuck off and die especially the ones who fucking browse on here all day and complain about life.


That's about it for my neet rant, thank you for reading c: