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My boyfriend left me for another girl because she supported him with money when he was homeless before I knew him. They started talking again when our relationship got rocky but I was trying my best. He created on me with her, I know him irl and he knows her online.
He left me for someone who was online. He chose her over me and I tried my fucking best to do nothing but love and care for him. He was a neet, I'm in university but I still tried to love and care for him the best I could, I fucking wanted to marry him but he fucked me over.
I was too sad and scared apparently
and for good reason because he was cheating.

We dated for so long.. and for fucking what? I put everything into the relationship I had and now I've been left with nothing. I have no friends, no one, no guy will be the same as him. I feel like my heart has been tread on and kicked into a million pieces. Ive been crying for the past few days, unable to eat, I cant go an hour without crying. I am I'm literal pain.

Call me dramatic but I don't have anything left. I loved him with everything and he fucking left. I want to kill myself.