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Why are women like this

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>be me
>have weak bladder, often wake up at night having to piss
>a few months ago decided to just use a bucket so I don't have to get out of bed in the middle of every night
>super comfy, can finally almost sleep through the night (just piss and fall back asleep)

ffw to today

>this girl I've been seeing recently sleeps over for the first time
>we wake up in the morning
>she steps out of bed on the left side
>bucket stands on the left side so it's not in the way when I get out of bed on the right side
>her foot accidentally brushes the bucket (it was almost completely under the bed, just the rim standing out)
>luckily it didn't fall over
>it spills a bit and gets on her feet
>she shrieks and asks me wtf this is
>I explain it
>she calls me a fucking idiot
>says that she knew she smelled something weird before going to bed
I don't think she actually smelled the bucket though because I'm not a retard and empty it like every week
>she runs out of my appartment still screaming at me
>just finished cleaning up (pic related)

Fuck anons, am I missing something or is she just an asshole for not even helping with the cleanup?