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am I allowed to treat myself for donuts?
I took care of financial/billing stuff with the university today.
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Is he right about roastie thots, bros?
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>there are milions of kids being raised by 4chan and other social media shit and their role models are e-celebs

I am not sure if I want to be around in the next decade

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I'm going to fail an exam in 2 days, I literally know nothing.
I spent like 20-30 hours studying but there is nothing in my head because I just don't understand anything.
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How do I develop the focus self discipline and drive of a japanese mangaka?
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You have missed out on late teenage love. No girl will ever put her arm around you.
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this is an actual picture i just took of my skin lol wtf it looks normal when it's not this close and lit like this. i don't even have acne
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signs that you're ugly

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1) if people see you flirt with girls they will ask if you like the girl, but they will never ask her if she likes you back (because its so self evident you're always shooting out of your league)

2) if you have a great personality women will sometimes really like you to the point you will think its flirting, but this comfort will be there because she subconsciously thinks there is no way you'd be that stupid to hit on her

3) the people around you (friends, family, colleagues) will never try to "hook you up" with anyone.
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what drives a man to post racebait threads?

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amwf. wmaf. bmwf. bmaf. wmbf.