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I really really wanna suck an anon's sweaty stinky unwashed cock with a lot of smegma on it!
I want to kiss anon's cock, lick it clean, suck it tenderly just like a lollipop, drool on it and smear it all over my face! I want anon to rub his dirty cock on my face to mark me with his very powerful smell!
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Does anyone have the web m thread of the Chinese lady with huge tits in the market with her gay friend

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White robots I don't get this about you. Why be picky and die alone? Why not just settle for a brown wife? Pick one and take her home....

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beach days edition

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i wish i had a bf...i just wanna fall asleep on call with someone please....
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Women have evolved millions of years to find protection and sexual favors from chad. A woman can not be attracted to twinks or feminine guys nature disallows it.
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Do you play Final Fantasy XIV? There's a free trial for you to try.
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Wish I had gotten to interact with bianca devins before she was murdered

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Every time I see a photo of her I get extremely sad in my gut.
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