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How disabled must a girl be to lower her standards below Chad? She's probably still aiming for a 7/10 Brad at this point.
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no bf to spank and abuse so why live?
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Porn gives men unrealistic standards about women that are out of their league and is therefore bad.
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Please stop flogging yourself mentally or physically and just enjoy the rest of your day. You've never done anything to deserve this pain or hate so you have no reason to be both the punisher and the punished.

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How many people here listen to ASMR to cope with loneliness? I've been doing it every single day for months now
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What's the most cringe/autistic thing you've ever done drunk lads?

>tfw get stupid drunk alone sometimes
>put Dragon Ball Z: Gohan SSJ2 transformation
>watch it and cry
>then reinact it as if I were Gohan
>unironically shout (while whispering at the same time, hard to describe) "Android 19, you loved life. You didn't deserve to die. I can't watch this anymore, I feel it slipping AND I CAN'T WATCH THIS ANYMORE"
>tears streaming down my face while i'm doing this....

I actually got cold sweats typing this out, holy fuck

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>come home on a friday night
>find this on your front porch
>wat do?
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Why, look at the time! Dust off those unused guitars and sketchbooks in your NEET dens, robots; it's time to share your opuses with your fellow neuro atypical.

Someone in the last thread dropped some somewhat cringeworthy but honestly not bad horrocore bars. It inspired me to make a beat.

Sheeiit if anyone wants to spit a hot 16 over it go ahead. Not really going to do anything more with it. I could probably make the elements play nicer together but I know that whatever I don't get done tonight is not getting done. Mixing beats is a pain in the ass
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