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where are the REAL ROBOTS

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theres so many egirls on this board now. this time last year there were none, only the old ones like ciara and marky and shit were discussed.

now theres fucking WHORES with TRIPFAGS using OUR BOARD?!?!? WHAT THE FUCK

i cant believe it robots

why are they making posts every day begging for attention. and why are u normies giving it to them. they need to go back to /b/

fucking tiktok whores

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How do terfs cope with the fact that men took over their movement?

Humanity will die out in this century

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When you add up
>the number of millennials and zoomers that are becoming gays, trannies or "queers"
>the number of millennials and zoomers who are straight but refuse to have children
>the number of millennials and zoomers who are straight but, for whatever reason, are unable to find a long-term partner to have children with

You start to realise that, long-term, we are actually demographically fucked. Humanity cannot survive under these circumstances. This number of people living lifestyles in which they either will not or can not have children is completely unprecedented in human history. This has NEVER happened before. We are not going to produce enough children to sustain a civilisation over the rest of this century, and we are going to die out.

And btw, even immigrants won't save us because the longer they live in the UK and other western countries, the more and more westernised they become, and eventually they will succumb to the exact same trends listed above.
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As an average looking man I'll tell everyone here what your problem is: your standards.

Accept that women who are not models are worth your time and effort and that you can and will have meaningful and happy relationships with them and you'll be far happier. That girl that has crystals and shit? She's not crazy, she's got a fun hobby she likes. the girl with some extra meat on her bones? She's funny as fuck and you'll spend nights laughing at the dumbest shit and enjoying it. The barista into poetry with no ambition to do anything but perform in local small town performances of "Fiddler on the Roof"? she'll get you to broaden your horizons and probably be an excellent mother.

The majority of shit I see here about women is just so reductive and turns anyone who isn't the most optimal partner into someone not worth your time. Lower your standards and date people who are there and available and think you're funny and cute and you'll recognize that she doesn't need to be an 8/10 in order for you to have a wonderful and happy relationship.
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>tfw no frens
Why live?
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Since the age of 15 whenever my friend would sleep over id invent excuses to be naked like "I don't sleep with clothes on". We'd watch porn together and play vidya as we got hard from the sexual tension. I'd find reasons to walk around or bend over to show my boibussy and have my semi hard dick bouncing in front of him. Eventually one point we did the "truth or dare" type stuff and ended in me sucking his cock. I'd often be naked around him and blow how every now and then. Learned to deep throat after a while and I would swallow every drop every time unless he came on me. My favorite thing was playing with him so he would die faster in vidya so I could play. His cum tasted just like my own and the experience made my head spin back then as much as it does recalling it. It's a shame knowing I will never go back to that.

Cabin fever

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Normies have the luxury of never having to plan out their week. Things just spontaneously come to them, people ask them out and stuff.

I haven't talked to another person in 3 years. Coming up with stuff to keep myself from getting depressed is a full time job for me.
I dont even know how to get a gf. I'd get a gf today if I knew how.
>go out and socialize
To get a meaningful social life you need years of grinding in hobby groups. I actually tried but nobody had any time for me, they just hung out with their gf's.

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Hello former ladies of /r9k/ board. I would like to request a picture of your boobies, because I have massive boobphobia and I need to overcome my fear. Please help me

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Bros, where the FUCK do I find an aspie gf? They're a rare breed apparently but I need to find someone equally as autistic as me.
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What’s the purpose of this piece of shit?

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The whole awake the rapper what was the main purpose
Of this guys actions, something feels fishy. All for attention seeking?