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If a woman you slept with was going to have your abortion (whether she was your wife, gf, etc) would you rather her tell you or not?
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What is your excuse for not having a MENA girlfriend, anon?
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Yes...4chan... Rejoice, and feast on this originality we offer! Shine your pale light on this empty board... Share your power with all Robots!

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Imagine millenial and zoomer females in their old age.
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Jordyn Jones and Riley Reid linked up.

Need it or keep it?

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Remember, she still got enough thirsty mofos to be even able to pull that off..
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What the FUCK am I actually supposed to do in my free time if I don't have a gf?
>Inb4 "get hobbies!"
I've done that shit to death. What is a Early 20s yr old guy supposed to do if he can't get a gf because of the way things are now? I have a job, I have a pet. So I just sit here & rot even though I'm doing nothing wrong?
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now that the dust ha settled, why was he so universally relieved by a certain section of the populace?
not like he's the only political proffessor and his life was was mostly pretty simple
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