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>tfw no frens
Why live?
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When did women become so mentally strong?

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Do women even cry anymore? I haven't seen a woman cry in forever unless it was over the death of a family member or something. They are all tough-headed and able to overcome any obstacle by writing life-affirming quotes on social media like "never judge no one, one life live it xx". They are over marriages and relationships in a week. There's no moping around crying floods of tears for their relationship breakdown, they are back out partying and travelling again in no time.

Women seem incredibly stoic and emotionally dead these days. Nothing phases them or causes them to sink into a mental breakdown. They are all about "good vibes" and philosophical quotes.
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Why did you waste another summer anon?
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Should autists marry older women?

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>When my 25-year-old son told me he was bringing his new girlfriend home to meet me, I chilled the wine and whacked a chicken in the oven. Clearly they were getting serious and I was so pleased and excited. Until he arrived home with a 48-year-old woman.

>I opened the door to stare into a visage nearly as lined as my own. My own smile froze. I then noticed we were also wearing similar outfits. Five minutes into some rather awkward small talk in the living room, I realised that we were reading the same book and had just been to the same exhibition. I seemed to have much more in common with her than my son.

>But the experience did give me a brainwave. My lovely son Jules is on the autistic spectrum, which means girls his own age can sometimes find him too quirky, while older women have always been drawn to his wit and warmth. And for Jules, if a woman is witty and warm, age has always been irrelevant. As young autistic males tend not to be facially prejudiced and older, wiser females can think outside the neurotypical box, why not put them together?

>The most sexually voracious types I know are fiftysomething, divorced, HRT-patched women chewing holes in the furniture with sexual frustration and desperately desirous for a last hormonal hurrah and young autistic boys, priapic because they can't get a date with girls their own age. So why not match-make them on an app called perhaps Tinder-ism, or Au-Tinder... Or what about Square Pegs for Round Holes?

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realistically, if you were to approach a girl, this wouldn't be your first pick right?

I think my "fashion style" qualifies me a voluntary celibate
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Picrew Thread

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A new picrew thread, make your ideal gf and rate other anons and guess their personalities and their gfs' personalities, try not to lazypost please.
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Is there anything more disgusting than a woman who posts nudes on 4channel?
At least an OnlyFans poster or camgirl is in it for the money. They're letting disgusting losers see their naked body, but they're getting paid for it, there's some value judgement there.
Posting on 4chan though, that's just pure attention whoring. You're stripping naked for a bunch of fat ugly greasy strangers just for the benefit of a few replies.
It's sub-janny tier behavior. You're not just working without pay, you're debasing yourself and losing all respect, and you're doing it for free.
I'd date a pornstar who's been railed on camera hundreds of times before I'd date a girl who posts her nudes on /r9k/ or /soc/.
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Nothing gets me harder than an attractive older woman. Is there something wrong with me?