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Fuck advertisements.
From now on when I see an advertisement, it means I will do whatever I can within my power to avoid that product or service. Fuck coke. Fuck Pepsi. Fuck insurance companies. Fuck Mars candy company. Fuck General Mills and Post. Fuck Nissan. Fuck Honda and triple fuck you to GM. I'll buy offbrand and from international markets. You can all fucking suck it. Fuck you and your marketing teams.

Weekly Family Thread

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Ask for advice, share some stories, give advice, all the usual. Keep it generally family-related and all that stuff.

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Is 35 too old to become a femboy? Would you date one?
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Anyone else here like crossdressing but isn't trans? I like being a guy I just like wearing panties when I'm horny and being slutty.
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I have a serious question to the men here. Do you experience some sort of male period to let out the semen before it gets bad, which explains why you masturbate a lot and are obsessed with sex?

Or was I lied to?
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hows it going bros? back after a quickk nap

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anons, i'm at breaking point. i have extreme post nasal drip, to the point where i can constantly feel my mucus dripping into my throat and into my mouth. i have recently found something that gives minor relief, and i would like to call it "mucus expulsion". this starts with me grabbing about 5-6 tissues, as the outer layer of snot uses about this much. i will sneeze into these tissues and alternate with spitting into the sink. my spit and mucus are basically one in the same, with the exact same texture, but mucus is a bit saltier and if i cough enough i can spit out a bit of it. after this, i will let myself bend, with the mucus dripping out of my nose and being caught into my hands or the sink. if i rub my hands into the mucus, it feels almost like hand sanitizer. it is completely clear with a few bubbles. right now, i have done this 5 times in a row, with about half a cup of mucus and 1 cup of spit/mucus mixture being drained. i can tell this is still not anywhere near the amount of mucus i have left, but it feels so much better to be able to actually breathe. if anyone asks, i have a condition called LPR/silent reflux, and a severe milk allergy. i have had post nasal drip for years. is there anything besides this that can help? mucus is running out of my nose as i type this.
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where do I find homemade porn now?

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all the porn sites are purging their videos and only allow for verified users to post content

where the fuck do I find genuine (not onlyfans shit) amateur content now? The uploads have fucking died, xhamster used to have content uploaded every single day, there was always new shit to watch and now its completely dead. Its turned into what reddit and pornhub is which is just another promotional tool for professional studios and onlyfans whores.

Don't say xvideos because that site sucks and has always sucked.
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