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30+ Thread

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The year is about 2/3rds over, made any progress in any aspect of your life? How are you going to finish the year out?
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Oh noooooo, incels on the rise AGAINNNN
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Gender equality

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>a woman shaves half her head bald
>still gets Chads

>a man's temples recede 1 inch
>no longer gets laid because "anon ur 100% bald"

>woman has absolutely no boobs
>still gets Chads with big dicks

>a man has the wikipedia definition of an average human penis
>dies a virgin

>a woman has zero social skills and is autistic
>gets laid daily

>a man is social and outgoing but doesnt use smartphone apps
>dies alone
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>can smell myself
>get aroused
time to fap desu
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Waifu General #576

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Working on a project with her edition

1. Talk about your waifu
2. Be devoted to your one and only waifu
3. Let waifuism improve your life
4. Be nice!
5. Hide Drama/Shitposting
6. Have a great time!

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/hiki neet/ general

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hiki + neet thread

post your doings

for those of you who hope to eventually move out and either find a room or eventually your own apartment, what are you doing in order to make it a reality?

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appreciate the miku
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Why do you feel entitled to a 16 year old virgin stacy gf?
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Got a rimjob from an escort that looked like pic related.

Literally has changed my entire view on women, it is complete domination of the female gender.

I no longer see a hot girl and get aroused from it because I've already sat on a models face with my butthole.