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beach days edition

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i wish i had a bf...i just wanna fall asleep on call with someone please....
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Did anyone have their life ruined and ripped out of their prime by balding

>used to shower every day
>regular haircuts, active social media, nice clothes, went on dates, talked to girls
>one day I shave my head and everyone notices I am incredibly fucking balding just like that
>literally go from full head of hair to asmongold overnight with no way to know or stop it
>fucking snap and go crazy literally
>become a drug addict
>lose all the friends girls everything
>get chubby again and all those years of going to the gym just thrown down the drain
>stop showering caring cleaning getting haircuts
>throw out mirrors and look down if I see one
>sometimes catch my reflection in the window
>with my long greasy hair with no hairline anymore I look like a 60 year old trucker
>depression and loneliness gets to me
>cant even get out of bed anymore

Holy fuck I would rather have had my balls cut off or died then this
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>there are horny, ovulating fembots on this board right now hugging the shit out of their pillows as they hump them bottomless and cream all over the fabric, wishing for a bf to fill them up

Why wouldn't fembots hump a robot like me instead? I would get really hard and it would be super fun and therapeutic to rub our bodies together in different positions. Extreme snuggling!
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Waifu General #491 - /waifu/

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Loving waifu 5ever edition

Previous thread
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Well, what would you do?

Disclaimer: This post is for entertainment purposes only and does not intend to advocate or glorify violence
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Women have evolved millions of years to find protection and sexual favors from chad. A woman can not be attracted to twinks or feminine guys nature disallows it.
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How do you deal with a bitchy girlfriend?
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Serious question, what's it actually like being a manlet?
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