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Are women self aware?

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Are women aware that they are women? What do they think of it? Can women think intensely enough to grasp philosophy?

I really want to sit down with a 20-25 year old girl and truly pick her brain inside and out to see how she ticks and how she thinks. I'm so curious.
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Jordyn Jones and Riley Reid linked up.

Need it or keep it?

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where do you find uncensored footage of this? all the faggots on r*ddit censored everything

Fuck Asian Stacys

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I hate this type of asian girls the most because they never like Indian guys.
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Why are boomers so fucking selfish? They will charge their kids rent or kick them to the curb when their 18 because the law tells them "they are no longer your responsibility"
I hope these old fucks enjoy living in pain for the last years of their lives in a retirement home while they feel what it's like to have none of your family care for you

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>see 8/10 qt3.14 in the mall
>decide to go up and shoot my shot even though I know she's chad-only, because at least I can tell retard copeposters that I do in fact try
>not only did she look good, her voice was heavenly
>she scrunches her face as soon as I ask for the number and says "ew, no"
>something about the way she looked and said that made my dick hard
>get horny knowing I have the power to make women uncomfortable like that
>now want to go out and get rejected the same way over and over again, literally coom to the thought
I somehow started fetishizing rejection and want to do more approaches just to experience that again. I'm tempted to do so many that I might accidentally ascend after all. I don't care about succeeding anymore I'm literally going for rejections now. Did I crack the code, or this a gigaadvanced form of coping?

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>have briefly noticed a new girl who moved into my apartment for a few months now
>only ever saw glances of her, like when getting in her car to leave or from my window when she gets back
>today for the first time when I was walking out the back to my car for work in the morning I saw her up close on the ground floor balcony of her apartment watering her plants or something
>she was in an undershirt and short shorts, probably what she slept in
>cute as fuck
>we made direct eye contact as I walked past
>neither of us said anything
>pic related was almost my face
Fug, she's so pretty, how do I talk to her and introduce myself. She might be single.
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does anyone else find the fact that we can talk to ourselves in our heads and hear it a little paranormal in a way?
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Is it too late to save him?
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