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Did anyone have their life ruined and ripped out of their prime by balding

>used to shower every day
>regular haircuts, active social media, nice clothes, went on dates, talked to girls
>one day I shave my head and everyone notices I am incredibly fucking balding just like that
>literally go from full head of hair to asmongold overnight with no way to know or stop it
>fucking snap and go crazy literally
>become a drug addict
>lose all the friends girls everything
>get chubby again and all those years of going to the gym just thrown down the drain
>stop showering caring cleaning getting haircuts
>throw out mirrors and look down if I see one
>sometimes catch my reflection in the window
>with my long greasy hair with no hairline anymore I look like a 60 year old trucker
>depression and loneliness gets to me
>cant even get out of bed anymore

Holy fuck I would rather have had my balls cut off or died then this
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This is what one 19 year old WOMAN looks like in Russia

I literally have dreams about her when sleeping
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>be fembot
>nice face, curvy body, tall. maybe a 7/10
>huge mommy milkers
>genuinely think nerdy incel boys are cute and probably share a lot lot of interests with them
>kinda trad, like to cook and clean and stuff
>probably the ideal "mommy gf"
>actually a fucking schizo plus just wanna be seen as cute and frail and get dommed though
>i'm the wrong trope
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>ywn win the lottery

"Size doesn't matte...."

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>Her: As long as it's average or above average that's fine
>Me: So as long as you're 5 inches or above it's okay?
>Her: Isn't 6 inches average?
>Me: I dunno maybe. But you're saying that you have no preference as long as its average
>Her: I mean as long as I can feel it
>Her:'s probably not gonna feel good though if it's only average
>Her: ... it's probably going to suck if it's average
>Her: hmm I guess I do prefer big. Yeah when I think about it like that, I definitely prefer bigger because bigger really feels better. Ideally it's long and thick enough to make me sore, that's perfect. Probably like porn star big. Haha I guess size really does matter. I guess if I was with a guy who wasn't huge I would always be thinking about other guys with huge dicks that I was with when I was with him instead. But you're big right lol?

It's already over isn't it?

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Serious question, what's it actually like being a manlet?
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tech post
what the actual fuck is going on with graphics card prices... Is it literally impossible to get a decent card below 300/500 dollars these days? Holy fucking shit, the last time i looked into this was 2017 when i got my 1050ti for 120$, these days they are sold for 500 WHAT THE FUCK???? HOW??? WHOS BUYING THIS SHIT??

I've done some research into it and it seems that its due to crypto faggots and pandemic, and i feel like im a little late to the party here... r9k gaming bros, are we fucked? I wanted to upgrade my 1050ti to something like 1060 but id have to sell my house

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>over three years later and still not over her

I have a bad feeling I'll never meet a better girl.
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How do you deal with a bitchy girlfriend?
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