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Angered by heatwaves

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>last summer was longest and hottest in 90 years
>this August is hottest in 70 years

My incel life is hard enough as it is. I dont need this extra suffering bullshit.
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I smoked like maybe 3 entires cigarettes in my life. Last night I had a dream I was smoking and I woke up with an inexplicable craving for a cigarette

Went out to buy one today, asked for a marlboro, didn't even know there had multiple types, cashier laughed at me when I said "whichever, doesn't matter"

Went home, smoked one marlboro gold and realized it sucks ass and now I smell like ass

Does this happen to anyone else or am I just retarded

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>Leave a controversial post
>Seething people reply to argue against me
>Others step in, defending my position for me while I sit back and relax
>Some people probably even believe that "OP" is responding to them, engaging in the discussion

You are all my minions. You are merely pawns in my chess game.

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How do terfs cope with the fact that men took over their movement?
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Why is life so complicated when all I want is this
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where are the REAL ROBOTS

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theres so many egirls on this board now. this time last year there were none, only the old ones like ciara and marky and shit were discussed.

now theres fucking WHORES with TRIPFAGS using OUR BOARD?!?!? WHAT THE FUCK

i cant believe it robots

why are they making posts every day begging for attention. and why are u normies giving it to them. they need to go back to /b/

fucking tiktok whores

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Asked my ex bf to play bloons with me

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>he says no
>he played it every day with the adult he had a crush on when he was 17
>played bloons with him every day and never called him a pedo for the age gap but did it to me but refuses to play even one game with me

Pic related

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i heard incels saying girls (especially young ones) dont like sex and being a little kinky slut and doing everything in the pornos with their bf