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somehow prevented my friend from literally killing himself

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>Be me
>Active on discord
>Have this friend with a shit ton of mental issues
>One day he dms me telling me he's seriously gonna fucking kill himself
>I try to talk him out of it
>Tell him to think about his girlfriend, his friends, everyone he knows
>MFW he thinks im guilt tripping him
>I assure him I'm not and that I'm just tryna help
>Tell him to call a suicide prevention lifeline
>He agrees
>He calls them
>He's still online a couple days later
>Tells me he's a bit better but still self harming, that's fine, atleast he's not dead
>Also talk him out of self harming somehow
MFW I'm literally a virtual therapist, and that I might've actually saved a life
pic unrel
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What is your excuse for not having a MENA girlfriend, anon?
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do i try hinge/online dating?

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>few months shy of 25
>worth over 150k in investments/savings
>90k job

i never bothered looking for girls because i had a toxic household and no money. but now that i have job, money, and independence i think its a good time to look for a gf but idk where to look.

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i really enjoy seeing TIFs realize they cannot hack it as men. its almost a fetish for me.
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Is 35 too old to become a femboy? Would you date one?

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why dont the male bots and fembots just link up
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this pic opened my eyes
bros.. maybe we are not depressed after all
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Non white robot:
Would you rather marry an extremist feminist or a nazi?
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Ok guys i installed tinder im a tall boi BTW

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OK guy's here's my tinder adventure i'd like to take you with me, help a robo brother out.

My loneliness is crippling and i'm feeling this is the time i should start lookin.

Ok so, i've made a good pic (but its a selfie)
My face is a-ok nothing mindblowing tho, good face, good jaw, 194 cm but i'm white with hazel eyes and black hair so it's a big ooof i guess.

My bio is kinda shit maybe help me improve it?

194 cm, taller in shoes :)

I don't have snap, I don't have insta, I'm a ghost man: skull_crossbones:

I like horror / crime movies / serals.
Witch house / phonk music i never got high, but probably similar vibes: ok_hand:

I would like to learn to draw better someday, so far I'm not doing well: smile:
favorite sports, cycling and skiing.
currently studying accounting and working

Do i change something up? is a selfie photo just too shit?
I'm getting likes but its just fat whales hundreds km away or girls with huge red flags.
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Even if you get a GF, unless you have an 8 inch dick it's still over for you

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>Be me
>no friends
>no gf
>live with parents
>all i do is coom and eat shit
>tired of wasting life doing nothing
>decide to #makeachange
>move out of parents house
>go to grad school
>fall for red pill meme
>stop shitposting
>start shaving head completely
>start lifting
>take steroids
>lose 50 lbs and gain good bit of muscle
>buy new clothes with student loans
>get job at think tank
>meet girl
>legitimate 9/10
>she actually gives me attention
>end up taking her out
>fuck her on first date
>no clue what im doing and unfortunately cum early
>she becomes my first gf
>find out she was cheating on me with her ex two months later
>has literal videos of her ex fucking her
>when i ask why she says because our sex is bad
>apparently my dick is small (thought 5 inches was average guess not)
>apparently i don't have rhythm
>we break up
>she didnt even say sorry

I did everything I thought would make me happy. Got in shape, went back to school, got a job, got a hot girlfriend and now im back to square one all because I couldnt fuck her right. Meanwhile chad gets to keep her because hes been fucking since 16 and luckily has a big dick.

I havent given up completely got into jelqing and bought a penis extender and been wearing that so hopefully will see some gains. I'm reading the sex god method to get better and going to start hiring hookers/using tinder to practice. but fuck is it demoralizing.
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