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"You're feeling it now, aren't you?" Edition.

Last thread took too much: >>64150886

Useful resources:

Do not discuss vendors, always follow site and board rules, and don't be an ass.
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>most autistic things you have done thread

>join voice channels on discord and record people without them knowing
>use it for an AI chat bot that uses real voices (will send proof)
>funny thing is people don't know about it

my discord: Mr. McMazing#9868


I 100% beat any robot
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Loneliness Hits pretty hard today.
How are you guys?
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Serious question, what's it actually like being a manlet?
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Do you play Final Fantasy XIV? There's a free trial for you to try.
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Talk about your sexual fantasies in this thread. Go into as much detail as you want.
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/r9gay/ #1401

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beach days edition

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Wish I had gotten to interact with bianca devins before she was murdered

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Every time I see a photo of her I get extremely sad in my gut.
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my girlfriend says i dont have enough 'gestures of love' with her, yet i paid for groceries and electricity every month for a year while she's been unenployed during the pandemic. I did this willingly and never brought it up. why is this not considered a gesture of love? but bringing home a 1$ flower is?
are all women like this?
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Is it just me or is university starting to feel more and more like a hivemind communist effort rather than a pursuit of individual success. You learn nothing of value in college. You leave with nothing. But you join "us" in the workforce to be with them on the dark side. There is no winning there, no rung on the ladder above desk wagie forever.