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would femboys and fembots lick a chubby guys asshole?

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got bored of waiting for the new edition
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The Phenomenal Turbo Chad Edition
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Did she got what she deserved?
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I want a supportive internet friend who is nice to me and we can talk about our day together, who won't ignore me and pretend to be busy. Is it possible or should I just give up?
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How did they die guys?

Other boards with weird unspoken rules

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Posting the word chink and/or making fun of Asians and their dick sizes/benign jokes at the expense of yellows and their food/culture will get you banned on /ck/ because there is 1 Asian supremacist mod on there desu
I think he might be Korean because they tend to be extremely insecure. Go make a Korean food hate thread on >>>/ck/ if you want to see for yourself or make a random post that uses the words chink or things like cope more ricie yellow dicklet
Any other boards with weird mods/jannies?
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>Back in school after being a NEET for a few years
>Second seminar we get split into groups
>My group wait in the hall and start to get to know each other
>Try to make small talk whenever possible so I dont come off a weird
>20 minutes go by, girl next to me says I'm being quiet
>Had no response
Can they see past my charade? Have I been labeled a weirdo already? Can I recover?
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does anyone else find the fact that we can talk to ourselves in our heads and hear it a little paranormal in a way?