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Anime and national socialism edition

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Please stop being gay.
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Gender equality

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>a woman shaves half her head bald
>still gets Chads

>a man's temples recede 1 inch
>no longer gets laid because "anon ur 100% bald"

>woman has absolutely no boobs
>still gets Chads with big dicks

>a man has the wikipedia definition of an average human penis
>dies a virgin

>a woman has zero social skills and is autistic
>gets laid daily

>a man is social and outgoing but doesnt use smartphone apps
>dies alone
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Since the age of 15 whenever my friend would sleep over id invent excuses to be naked like "I don't sleep with clothes on". We'd watch porn together and play vidya as we got hard from the sexual tension. I'd find reasons to walk around or bend over to show my boibussy and have my semi hard dick bouncing in front of him. Eventually one point we did the "truth or dare" type stuff and ended in me sucking his cock. I'd often be naked around him and blow how every now and then. Learned to deep throat after a while and I would swallow every drop every time unless he came on me. My favorite thing was playing with him so he would die faster in vidya so I could play. His cum tasted just like my own and the experience made my head spin back then as much as it does recalling it. It's a shame knowing I will never go back to that.

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Bros, where the FUCK do I find an aspie gf? They're a rare breed apparently but I need to find someone equally as autistic as me.
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Humans are doing so many different things...

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It's enough to drive you to be a madman when you spend too much time thinking about it

>some people are working as a roadside assistance man
>some people are actuaries
>some people are engineers
>some people are driving around in vans and living in them
>some people are partying
>some people are cutting wood
>some people are doing lithography
>some people are writing papers on how to purify water better for industrial processes
>some people are loan sharks
>some people are stealing property
>some people are making gay youtube videos
>some people are posting on this imageboard
>some people are lifting weights
>some people are practicing with swords

People do so much different shit and they are all doing it right now and there is no possible way that you can quantify all of it at every given moment. There are so many obscure programs for obscure needs. So many specific interactions happening right now, that you'd need several lifetimes to analyze everything happening among mankind on earth even if it's within just a few seconds. If you put time on repeat right now and could warp to wherever you wanted during that loop you'd see tons of different interactions all of which would need to be throughly analyzed. Why's this girl mad at her bf? Why is this vagrant walking in the middle of Arizona? Why's this Chinese farmer living in Xi'an? What made this German beer brewer dye his hair black? Why's this British anon stuck in his room with no friends? Why's this American in Ohio yelling at people on Discord? You would have to spend at least 200 years traveling the world in that time loop just to see all of these things nevermind figuring out each person's life story and history

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do any of you guys like watching vtubers? it feels like having a friend who's a stacy with a really cute voice. it helps with the loneliness sometimes.
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On a scale of 1-10 how much difficulty do you experience in making friends and why? For me it is a solid 10 because I've been friendless since middle school.

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First day of college and I've decided to start asianmaxxing. I will delete all social media and video games so I can put 100% of my focus on academics. (I'm double majoring in Comp. Science and mechanical engineering). Can anyone, preferably Asians, give me studying advice and tell me what motivates you to study hard?
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