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>speedrun my college years
>two degrees
>work full time
>live with my parents
>almost no debt
>get a good job right out of college
>depressed and socially inept due to tism and being a recluse
>social ineptitude leads to relationships lasting about a month max
"Success" is so lame. I did all of the conscientious things my authority figures told me to do and the result is not what I'd bargained for. I'm even tall and attractive. You just can't escape being a sperg. Nothing you do matters. God help you if you're an ugly sperg, at least I can have hook-ups (which I don't even fucking enjoy). No real point to this post. Apologies for polluting the catalog.

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>tfw too anxious to use facecam/vc

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>its monday already
>tfw its gonna be another lonely week most likely
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A girl wants me to be her boyfriend.
She already has a boyfriend.
Should i join an open relationship?
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stimming is so fun i love biting things with my teefies wwwww
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I offered to take my son to Las Vegas.

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>get gf
>nothing changes
>overwhelming urge to break up with her after just a few months
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It's been more than a century since women were given equal rights, how exactly did they contribute to society during this time?
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mfw tell boy i frequent r9k, HE IS OK WITH IT.
this is strange but i give it A CHANCE LOL NEW FRIEND IG

>its going well
>i go over for food

he opens tinder..
he opens tinder.
>he opens tinder

im going to kill myself
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