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I think I'm depressed but everyone's depressed nowadays so there's no point in even talking about it to anyone

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I quit smoking weed a year and a half ago but lately I've been wanting to smoke again. I know I shouldn't. What do robots ?
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let all my worries and pains burn within me. I don't react just to spite these vain, petty childish things. I will be bigger than me.

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how do I

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I am beginning to grow more and more delirious, losing my grip on reality. Without taking my meds, except benzos, last night I drank wine, ranted on adv and cut myself until I passed out
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How do you fix or change your sleep schedule?
Would you rather wake up at 6am in pitch black darkness or at 10am to natural light and the sound of cars?
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Is my IP range blocked?

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I hate my family so much but I want to be a man that won't have regrets when they die

What do
Haven't talked to them in almost years