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dxm afterglow
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I'm still waiting for a reason as to why killing niggers and niggerlovers should be a crime

Not a single reason was given in the last thread.

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An onlyfans whore is worth more to society than a NEET subhuman
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I'm moldovan AMA
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i never attended a single university party.
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>22 yo
>neet for 5 years
>never worked a day in my life
>0 friends
>No discord or other social media
>no driving license
>don't know how to ride a bike
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>see 4chan brought up off-site
>usual types shit on it
>bunch of teenager edgelords furiously defend the site
>talk about lulz and basedness
>le dark / offensive humour based

It's fucking over

masturbated watching this 40 minute ASMR video

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I think Im fucking done for bros.
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No matter how bad it gets fellas, remember, at some point we're all gonna make it out like picrel. All of us will be sipping juice in the sun someday. It may not be next week, or next year, but tranquility is on the way.

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I am on pills for my bad brain, hard to get an erection, but do I have a decent size dick, anons? I am insecure about it.
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