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Tbh trannies are fucking retarded. Cock and balls are not feminine. Growing up as a young girl is.

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I know that feel, but at this point I don't care anymore. It doesn't affect me.
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I have a serious question to the men here. Do you experience some sort of male period to let out the semen before it gets bad, which explains why you masturbate a lot and are obsessed with sex?

Or was I lied to?
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I love vodka and I think it's ruining my life

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uninstall steam discord and any similar programs NOW
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Is anyone else religious but paranoid?

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One of my biggest fears is dying and then it turns out there's no afterlife. Imagine spending the one finite life you have here on this planet, and living it completely sterile and restricted while giving away 10% of your (gross) income to an institution that was just smoke and mirrors.

But the scariest part is.....if it's not wouldn't even have the consciousness to know it because you'd be dead - nonexistent.
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How long have you been visiting r9k?
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i get more blackpilled every day as i am subjected to the inferior thought process of moids. women truly are superior in every way
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