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How do people become gay i just don't understand can you fags explain
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Which boards do you fap on the most?
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Just asked a college qt out

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if i get left on read how should i kill myself anons?
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Why are your social skills so terrible anyway? Are you improving?
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>remember the time I brought home my 21 year old abusive "boyfriend" when I was 16

Why didn't my mom say anything lmao. Anyone else's parents just completely clock out as soon as they birthed you?
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so tired of being a virgin bros... ive been rejected by over 200? women already. how do i get laid ffs

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think I'll try to do a handstand and cum on my face tonight.

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>Start listening to punk music
>Punch my manager in the face for calling me a retard after I fucked up an order
>got fired immediately

Am I unironically retarded for doing this? The music has changed something inside of me.
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