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have you ever noticed that when you try to improve yourself like cutting back on masturbation, eating healthy or exercising people seem to be more hostile to you?
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life is literally a game in every way and while you were wasting your youth with your head in the clouds everyone who knew it was a game was grinding and working hard and now they have everything they ever wanted
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whats up niggas? I know I am on the most redpilled board rn but I have been wondering this really hard lately. Do w*men care about looks as much as it is portrayed? I mean I hate them from the bottom of my heart but still I was wondering because I came up on this shit known as quora where whores were pretending they dont care about muscles and what not. is it true? I don't believe it one bit. I
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I'm going to fail an exam in 2 days, I literally know nothing.
I spent like 20-30 hours studying but there is nothing in my head because I just don't understand anything.

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>He bought a phone just for pictures of this wet ass pussy!

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>wake up
>have to wait 20 minutes for my heartbeat to slow down
Not nice

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Is it possible to be incel in best korea?
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What compels an adult man to do this?

What circumstances happened that brought someone like this to this point?
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>last time I went to a party I was 13
>26 now
There is no recovering from this kind of brutality.