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New toss just dropped idgi


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Nothing gets me harder than an attractive older woman. Is there something wrong with me?

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What compels an adult man to do this?

What circumstances happened that brought someone like this to this point?
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/mcg/ - Momcest General #19

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Staying in Shape Edition

Share pictures and thoughts on milfs or your own mom.

It's Momcest Monday. There's been some discussion on whether it's better to make these threads on the start of the week or if the weekend is the preferable option. Let me know what you guys think.

Previous thread: >>69719259

Thread question: What kind of exercising those your mom prefer do to to stay fit and did she do any sports when she was younger?
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Do you poop in the workplace and waste your employer's money?
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what is a friend?

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hi robots, these days i have been asking myself this question, where is the line where you say a person is no longer an acquaintance and it becomes a friendship?
what would you expect from a friend? i thought i had friends, but as it seems most of them give me one-liners, lazy answers and negative answers... i guess i never had friends to begin with
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I have no idea how we got here, but everything we do while we are alive is just cope.

Cope. Cope. Cope.

Even if 1 thing is true, it's still just cope.

I swear my family wants to hate me

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>Be me
>Be muslim (very important)
>I don't drink, I don't waste money on expensive clothing or goods or anything, I work and have a job, I workout and exercise regularly, I almost never go out late at night etc
>I am objectively speaking a good and healthy son and brother since I don't do anything wrong or stupid aswell as don't cause problems
>However I am also a human so I occasionally make mistakes such as adding too much sugar to the tea of guests (even if they don't mind), buying the wrong brand of water or eggs or whatever (not even my fault, they literally asked me to just "buy water/eggs", nothing specific)
>For these, undeniably minor mistakes that should not matter past the moment of them happening, they bully and terrorize me for days if not weeks, violently lash out against me
>they one day complain about me not being devoutly muslim enough or even slipping into heresy since I bought a bible, out of curiosity of its contents aswell as to compare it to the quran
>They of course piss me off over this but whatever
>I decide to grow a beard (muslim custom) and then suddenly I'm a jihadist
>I like the beard so I keep it on me, it looks objectively good and many coworkers agreed with me on it
>my sisters in particular go fucking ballistic, they don't insult me, they straight up randomly attack me, steal my belongings and even take away my money and say they'd only give it back if I got rid of the beard
>Since Im too poor to live on my own, I give in and shave it, instantly regret it since the beard looked great
>They then go on and bully me for looking child like without it

I swear, my family fucking hates or wants to fucking hate me, but they literally cannot because there's objectively speaking few things about me. Or why else would they be so incredibly autistic and straight up attack me over minor issues?Any fellow muslim anons ever experience something similiar? They should be more respectful of me since Im male. Btw for reference, we live in the west

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Thread for all my friends :)
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Is it possible to be incel in best korea?
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