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Would you rather work in customer service the rest of your life or use this suicide pod?

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Hey robots, do you guys have any tips on how can I be less fucking boring?
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i work with a girl with one of the biggest fattest asses I've ever seen. And she isn't even fat or chubby. It's absurd how huge it is.

Unfortunely we worked together for like 8 hours and she barely said a word to me so I doubt she's into me
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real doomer hours

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I remember the days before my multiple rejections, before being short mattered, when having friends wasn't about status or money and had somewhat of a social life.
A short man with a broken heart, with no friends, no money, no achievements, that's me today.
life was good when this future was "there", a mystery. My excitement soon became disappointment.
Sitting in a dark room in bed looking at the ceiling, the dreams of what could have been haunt you. You ask yourself again where did things go wrong, but only silence is the answer.

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Help me bros I'm at university and I'm having a panic attack right now
I thought I could do it but I can't
I'm tired of being a fuck up
I thought I could turn things around and I told myself no more loneliness this year
But I can't do it, I can't talk to people, I can't be myself like at home
I don't know why I can't be like everyone else and make some friends
I look like shit, I can't talk for shit, my voice is shit, my physical manifestation is shit
I wish I could just talk like I'm doing alone at home
My anxiety level is off the charts like if I was surviving massive shootings
I can't do it I don't know how they do it
I don't want them to perceive me anymore
I don't know how to shut those voices down they tell me that I'm no worthy
I feel a huge gap, a glass ceiling between me and the other students
I'm currently hiding on campus during long breaks
I don't want them to see me alone
I'm tired
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>look into my 10 month old cat's eyes
>see my reflection in its eyes
>"Holy shit I'm ugly", I think
>profusely apologize to cat for having to live with an ugly virgin

Maybe I should give him away to a very attractive man so he won't have to look at me.
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>yes I use 4chan
>yes I am a threat to society
>try and stop me
>I fucking dare you

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>tfw as long as I do not leave my house nobody can hurt me