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> be me

> decide to troll some people

> make a discord

> enter a leftist discord

> say im a trans communist

> insert myself as a respected member of the community

> get a 20 year old e-boy bf

> get into an argument with him after months

> fake my death and delete my account

> use my alt to rejoin

> he attempted suicide and was institutionalized

> mfw

Anyone else have some /trolling/ stories?
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Does anyone have the web m thread of the Chinese lady with huge tits in the market with her gay friend

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I'm about to pay one of my gangstalkers a visit.

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Why is BIID considered a mental illness, when being Transgender isnt?
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Just realized the fact that I'm massively insecure has been the motivation behind so many of my terrible decisions.
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>your father's fathers had sex
>your mother's fathers had sex
>your father's mothers had sex
>your mother's mothers had sex
>you had no sex
care to explain yourself?
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What made you the way you are?

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Funny how it is so easy to live a pointless life than it is to have any kind of meaning at all. Sometimes i wonder what its like to not have a broken mind that produces regular thoughts but whenever i try and make things better for myself...idk i feel like everything is some kind of gaslight. Like nothing anyone could ever tell me will be the right answer to anything. How do normalfaggots even do it? How do they actually go on living their lives ans not wanting to kill themselves or not want to throw their lives away. It is mind boggling.

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What the fuck is wrong with me?

>get high and black out and message a girl on Facebook
>it goes well
>she seems perfect but has a PAST of course
>festival girl, drugs, tattoos, dyed hair but she isnt that bad especially compared to modern women
>I manage to fuck it up
>still think about it
>she was older than me and must be 32-33 now
>has me blocked on everything
>2-3 times I blacked out on drugs and tried to talk to her but its over

Why do I still keep thinking about an ldr? Is it just loneliness? Ive had other ones and I have a few ex girlfriends I dont miss that were actually in person

Either way shes probably done shit that would ruin for it me by now so its over. Thought about going to her town but last time I checked she was in some one horse town with no airport or Uber