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Would you date a magical girl?
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I sent a girl money on onlyfans and now my card is being declined
I need to call my bank and have them turn my card back on, but I'll have to listen to the person read back my onlyfans transactions and approve it was me
I'm too embarrassed to do it
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Are women self aware?

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Are women aware that they are women? What do they think of it? Can women think intensely enough to grasp philosophy?

I really want to sit down with a 20-25 year old girl and truly pick her brain inside and out to see how she ticks and how she thinks. I'm so curious.
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why dont the male bots and fembots just link up
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How disabled must a girl be to lower her standards below Chad? She's probably still aiming for a 7/10 Brad at this point.
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>watch old highschool classmate instagram story (did not follow her)
>her profile is set to private a few hours later