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Number of 'lonely, single' men is on the rise-

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-as women with higher dating standards look for partners who are are 'emotionally available, good communicators, and share similar values', says psychologist
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>wake up
>have to wait 20 minutes for my heartbeat to slow down
Not nice

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Is it possible to be incel in best korea?
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What compels an adult man to do this?

What circumstances happened that brought someone like this to this point?
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>last time I went to a party I was 13
>26 now
There is no recovering from this kind of brutality.

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I am currently a 25-year-old diagnosed autist living with my parents, I do have a job but it's part-time and I go there only for two days and four hours.
I am a loser? I am pretty happy all things considered and I get autismbucks.
But should I be concerned and look for more of a busy job? I don't know much about the world and what I am supposed to do and when so I do not know if I am doing this right
Don't really feel like getting a job with more hours but if it's to secure my fature I may consider it.

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What are the scales for judging a girl based on with regards to looks? I see people here calling girls a 4/10 or a 5/10 when they look like someone I would get attracted to quickly if looks were to be my only concern. Is the standard here too high or am I missing out on something?
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Fitness influencer logic

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>"certified personal trainer"
>"bang energy elite athlete"

Elite athlete. That's fucking hilarious. An elite athlete who chain smokes and has more plastic in her body than muscle?
Just imagine her trying to keep up with actual athletes in almost any sport even for a minute or two with her black lungs immediately getting out of breath and with her fake tits bouncing all over in a bra three sizes too small

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Americans are obsessed with Chinese food. According to the Chinese American Restaurant Association, the US is currently home to more than 40000 Chinese restaurants. This number is greater than all the McDonalds, KFCs, and Wendys in the US combined.
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