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anybody here wanna have sex?


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No femdom thread?
On my /r9k/?

That's a problem.

Post your femdom waifus and deepest, darkest femdom fantasies.

Makima uber alles of course.
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this pic opened my eyes
bros.. maybe we are not depressed after all
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>408 IQ
>Have it set so that when you google "Kurt Lopez-davis" the side of my head is the first thing you see

It feels good.
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one liner thread. post a one line summary of an interesting story from your life and only expand if someone asks you to. died last time but im bored today

>that time i shit myself in public in the middle of a winding staircase
>that time i hooked up with a former student
>that time i accidentally cucked a guy during his gf's bday party
>that time i got my first bj thanks to a small asian dick joke at my expense
>that year i lived with my landlord and his serf
>that time a power outage finally helped me get laid to my crush
>that time i stopped my roommate from maybe raing a balcked out girl
>that time i shit myself in a bar's open bathroom and nobody found out somehow
>that time i made a girl break up with her bf by lying i was going to be in her country for longer than i was
>that time i slept with a friend and pretended to forget i told her lets go out during sex
>that time when an older boy and girl cooked me and my friend ramen and i thought they were the coolest fuckers ever
>that time when i clogged a love motel toilet and dipped without saying anything


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The Phenomenal Turbo Chad Edition
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somehow prevented my friend from literally killing himself

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>Be me
>Active on discord
>Have this friend with a shit ton of mental issues
>One day he dms me telling me he's seriously gonna fucking kill himself
>I try to talk him out of it
>Tell him to think about his girlfriend, his friends, everyone he knows
>MFW he thinks im guilt tripping him
>I assure him I'm not and that I'm just tryna help
>Tell him to call a suicide prevention lifeline
>He agrees
>He calls them
>He's still online a couple days later
>Tells me he's a bit better but still self harming, that's fine, atleast he's not dead
>Also talk him out of self harming somehow
MFW I'm literally a virtual therapist, and that I might've actually saved a life
pic unrel
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Drunk Girl Booba
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