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What's so unspeakably evil about the blackpill? It's okay to give up. After getting treated like shit long enough you just kinda have to accept that you ARE shit. Going to the gym is a waste of time if your face is ugly and you're autistic. Some people are just completely screwed and we need to come to terms with that.

When did women become so mentally strong?

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Do women even cry anymore? I haven't seen a woman cry in forever unless it was over the death of a family member or something. They are all tough-headed and able to overcome any obstacle by writing life-affirming quotes on social media like "never judge no one, one life live it xx". They are over marriages and relationships in a week. There's no moping around crying floods of tears for their relationship breakdown, they are back out partying and travelling again in no time.

Women seem incredibly stoic and emotionally dead these days. Nothing phases them or causes them to sink into a mental breakdown. They are all about "good vibes" and philosophical quotes.
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The New Interracial Sensation

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Why is BMAF taking the world by storm?
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Norwich, Norfolk edition
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i started talking to someone from here who has been open about being socially isolated, yet i feel like he just uses me for company, not because he actually likes me. im avoidant and a giant part of me wants to just delete him and never speak to him again. advise me r9k
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Americans are obsessed with Chinese food. According to the Chinese American Restaurant Association, the US is currently home to more than 40000 Chinese restaurants. This number is greater than all the McDonalds, KFCs, and Wendys in the US combined.
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hiii /r9k/... i'm a lonely 19-year-old student studying biology in Canada and desu i've been kinda bored lately. my hobbies include reading, makeup, anime, and art. i'm kinda what you would consider a "weirdo" as i don't really have a lot of friends... anyway i'm just asking you guys to tell me about yourselves so that maybe i can make some friends on here. thanks :3

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To Women,

I resent you because you view being inconsiderate and degrading towards you as less repugnant than expressing genuine concern for you. Not only does that imply you're way too well treated, but that creates an impossible situation very easily when there's a miscommunication, because you're too much of a stupid lazy bitch to fix it, and I have to consider whether you're unappreciative enough of human kindness to determine if trying to be kind to you will actually make things WORSE. You're a really uncooperative, volatile creature, and having to account for all of your self centered reactions to things is a lot of work that you don't appreciate. I don't like that about you.


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