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Why did this garbage become popular

>risk of dying if you dont live in a legal state
>vaping in general is sketchy
>easiest thing to dilute and mess around with cutting costs
>easy to fake
>appeals to teenagers and dumb asses cause muh candy weed muh trend
>leaves tons of fucking trash everywhere

Fucking dabs and wax and shit is so much better in every way. The pens are higher quality and safer and more natural basically like smoking weed. But I have to buy this garbage and pens for it because its the only shit my dispensary sells and I cant smoke inside
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Why are your social skills so terrible anyway? Are you improving?
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Femanons, what is your opinion on non retractable foreskins?

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Aspie Chan thread
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>most autistic things you have done thread

>join voice channels on discord and record people without them knowing
>use it for an AI chat bot that uses real voices (will send proof)
>funny thing is people don't know about it

my discord: Mr. McMazing#9868


I 100% beat any robot
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What happened between 2013 and 2017?
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>robots: why wont femanons date us
>the robots:
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Are spergs the good guys?

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>Actually honest
>Innate drive towards fairness and moral consistency
>Socially naive, therefore not prone to malice
>Can't be blamed for misunderstandings because of autism
>SPecial interests are wholesome

Am I right or is this pure cope?
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why do women get mad when you refuse to stay friends with them after they reject you? like Im not interested in seeing you post pics with your chad bf
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Fembot safe space thread

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A safe spot for fembots to talk and share their feelings

How are you today fembots?
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