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DS is unfair and retarded

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This tritanite demon made me break my controller. Never playing the game again. They made this so that people would get pissed and send the devs death threats.
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where is the evidence the covix vaxx is safe in the long-term?

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Has anyone located any long-term mRNA vaccine studies done on humans without terminal diseases prior to covid-19?

The only studies I've found on mRNA vaccines were on terminally ill patients

For instance this vaccine was tested in 2015 on patients with advanced metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer. It's unclear why we've decided to treat billions of people with this novel technology when previously it's only been tested on very sick people with terminal illnesses.

>Self-adjuvanted mRNA vaccination in advanced prostate cancer patients: a first-in-man phase I/IIa study
>The self-adjuvanted RNActive_ vaccine CV9103 was well tolerated and immunogenic.
>The most frequent adverse events were grade 1/2 injection site erythema, injection site reactions, fatigue, pyrexia, chills and influenza-like illness. Possibly treatment related urinary retention occurred in 3 patients. The recommended dose was 1280 _g. A total of 26/33 evaluable patients treated at 1280 _g developed an immune response, directed against multiple antigens in 15 out of 33 patients. One patient showed a confirmed PSA response. In the subgroup of 36 metastatic patients, the Kaplan-Meier estimate of median overall survival was 31.4 months [95 % CI: 21.2; n.a].
>The technology is a versatile, fast and cost-effective platform allowing for creation of vaccines. The follow-up vaccine CV9104 including the additional antigens prostatic acid phosphatase (PAP) and Muc1 is currently being tested in a randomized phase IIb trial to assess the clinical benefit induced by this new vaccination approach.

They keep telling us to trust the science... where is the evidence that this treatment is safe in the long-term?
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>stop caring about women
>stop caring about other people's opinions entirely
>life gets 100x easier
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>Your dream girl exists
>But you will never meet her
>And even if you did, she would be disgusted by you
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Why does she make roasties seethe so much?
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ITT: Post your most brutal blackpilling

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>mom tries to convince my NEET ass to go out and have a beer with her
>"come on it will be fun, you're worrying about nothing, you're exaggerating, yadda yadda"
>fine then

>at bar
>it's kind of quiet so I start to ease up
>out of nowhere this huge piss drunk guy sits down at our table
>starts insulting my looks and me in general, calling me ugly and a loser, yanks my hair and shit
>me being a meek shutin, I just keep quiet and take it all
>day ruined
>he goes off rambling about whatever bullshit
>wait a few minutes to see if he will fucking leave, he doesn't
>tell mom I'm leaving and ask her to come along
>"No I'll stay for a while longer"
>Realize she's fucking drooling all over this guy
>Absolute disbelief
>Go home alone
>She ends up talking with him for hours
>Might even have fucked him for all that I know

Afterwards as I confronted her she wouldn't even recall I got any insults hurled at me. Her defense was "Well, he might have been an idiot, but sometimes it's interesting to listen to one." It's like a fucking joke. That's her excuse getting friendly with this random sociopath, who pissed all over her son in front of her face.

Like all women she's a major platitude spouter and thinks of herself as some kind of moral champion. She will heavily scapegoat my high school bullies when discussing as to where my mental issues come from. It's such a blatant example of female hypocrisy it's surreal having it so blatantly delivered. When push comes to shove, all that shallow moralism goes out the window as some arrogant piece of shit comes along, pissing on some nerd who won't retaliate. Apparently the number one priority is to get the pussy soaking. Even as your children gets thrown under the bus.
And yet, somefuckinghow women maintains that morally flawless self-image intact. Through the most asspull justifications possible. I swear they are fucking evil.

I feel sick typing this. I want to die.
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Fembot General /fbg/

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Previously >>>65087228

TQ: What was the most embarrassing thing to happen to you?
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Farting on cocks for cash
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How bad was bullying throughout school where you grew up? Verbal? Emotional? Getting jumped? Antisocial behavior? Manipulation? Sexual abuse? Racism, LGBTphobia, sexism, ableism, etc.

And which region/part of the US was this? Was it primarily impoverished/low income? Middle? Rich? And where did politics lean among folks who either lived or governed there?
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Same old shit edition
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