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Step aside fumo poster miku poster has arrived
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Is Depression Curable?

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I decided to get out of a severe depression, but I am still afraid that, I will not be able to achieve my goals and objectives.
Who managed to get out of depression, share your experience.
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Mushroom Lamp Edition.

Last thread OD'd: >>64080338

Useful resources:

Do not discuss vendors, always follow site and board rules, and don't be an ass.
Remember, these generals are a privilege!
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/r9gay/ - #1395

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Morning coffee edition

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There is a /burgerfeel/ in the catalogue but no /britfeel/, what an absolute state
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What vidya are you playing at the moment?
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You think Gen Z is bad...

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Get ready for the toxic clusterfuck that will be known as Gen Alpha. The latest Alpha is already 11 years old.
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Are there wheelchairs in hell for the handicapped?
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Why are people obsessed with relationships

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How do I cope with being a self-hating gay. I really only get off to traps and shemales.
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